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January 10th, 2016

Ice Fishing on the Brain? Top Picks for Awesome Ice Fishing in Manitoba!

Manitoba’s hard water season can offer world class angling opportunities for a variety of sought after species. December through April is the traditional hard water season in Manitoba, with each month often presenting unique ice fishing experiences.  Whether it's giant lake trout in the north or big bull bluegills in the southwest, Manitoba is home to a wide range of epic ice fishing destinations.
Here’s a few options for some awesome ice fishing in Manitoba!

Northern Region

Species: Lake Trout
Where:  Reed, Kississing, Clearwater and Athapapuskow Lake
When: January through April
Parkland Region

Species: Brook Trout
Where:   West Blue, Black Beaver Lake
When: January through April
Western Region

Species: Bluegill (Sunfish)
Where: Lake Metigoshe
When: January through March

Central Plains Pembina Valley Region

Species: Black Crappie
Where: Lake Minnewasta
When: January through March
Interlake Region
Species: Greenback Walleye
Where: Lake Winnipeg (Chalet Beach/Matlock area) Red River (Lockport Dam to end of Main)
When:  January through March

Species: Yellow Perch
Where: East Shoal Lake
When: January through March
Eastern Region
Species: Black Crappie
Where: Brereton, Caddy, North/South Cross and Sailing Lake
When: January through March

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