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Big Game Hunting in Manitoba

Diverse species, prime habitats and remote populations,  essential qualities that have all shaped Manitoba’s reputable status as a premier big game destination. Central Canadian barren ground caribou, Canadian moose, elk, whitetail deer, black bear, wolf and coyote inhabit the limits of our various terrains and present  an array of sought-after hunting experiences, with many unique  to the heart of Canada. 

Epic adventures in the  wildest of places

With abundant game hunting areas and generous seasons,  Manitoba offers promising options for extraordinary pursuits  and heart pounding encounters. From a coveted spot and stalk  for the nomadic caribou to an invigorating vocal engagement  with an elusive predator, it’s here, where exceptional big game  hunting opportunities are the norm, not the exception.

Find a Black Bear Guide

Find an expert guide, lodge or outfitter to help on your next black bear hunting trip to Manitoba!

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