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Drive-to Fishing in Manitoba

With thousands of miles of roads throughout our province, Manitoba grants easy and convenient access to some of the finest multi-species fisheries within North America. With various drive-to destinations offering do-it-yourself or guided trips, multiple accommodation and service options, plus phenomenal seasonal angling opportunities, it’s no secret to why Manitoba is a preferred choice. Rent a boat or cabin on one of many productive walleye waters, hire a local guide for a classic channel catfish excursion, or haul your own rig to a multitude of trophy northern pike and lake trout fisheries. 

Convenient access to angling excellence

Regardless of the direction you travel or your length of stay, our drive-to options let you choose your own angling adventure. Countless lakes and rivers with dozens of sought after species are here for you to enjoy.

Drive-to Outfitters

Looking for the best fishing destinations you can drive to in Manitoba? Find the perfect Lodge or Outfitter for your next fishing adventure.

Multi-species Mayhem on the Red River - Manitoba Hot Bite

The Red River section north of Lockport Dam to its delta is well known to anglers in Manitoba as a fall hotspot. The annual greenback walleye migration draws anglers from far and wide who ply the shorelines and community holes in the hopes of landing a world-class trophy fish. Hooking into a giant walleye surpassing the 28inch (71cm)...

Unreal Bass and Walleye Fishing at Q Lake Lodge - Manitoba Hot Bite

5 Fishing-Fabulous Reasons to Hit the Road to Manitoba

There are plenty of secluded, verging on remote, destinations in Manitoba you can get to from behind the wheel of the family sedan or SUV. And the fishing can be just as good as you’d find after spending a few hours in an airplane seat...

Eastern Region Lunker Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass fishing in the Eastern Region of Manitoba is phenomenal. Trophy class fish can be caught in plenty of lakes in both Nopiming and Whiteshell Provincial Parks. Watch as Jay Siemens...

Channel Catfish on the Fly - Uncut Angling

Monster channel catfish on the Red River can be targeted using a variety of presentations. Fly fishing for them is quickly growing in popularity amongst anglers plying the shorelines of the Red and Lake Winnipeg. Watch as Aaron and guest Nolan Plew go after cats on the fly at the base of Lockport...

Top Manitoba Bass Destinations

Manitoba may not immediately come to mind when talking about smallmouth bass. The big three of walleye, lake trout, and northern pike receive most of the press around these parts. World-class channel catfishing and stillwater trout fisheries are also highly regarded in this province, and rightfully so. But in the ever-growing global obsession...

Fall Lake Trout in the Northern Region

The Northern Region of Manitoba is a well-known hotbed for trophy lake trout. If you are looking to capitalize on a big fish hot bite up here, the time to go is now. The fall months offer a prime window of opportunity to hook into multiple world-class fish...

Trophy Lake Trout Fishing on Clearwater Lake - Manitoba Hot Bite

Drive-To Fishing Made Easy - Trail End Camp & Outfitters

Rainbow Trout

As a recipient of one of the most recognized stocking and trophy trout programs, Manitoba’s “Bow”, has achieved global recognition for its unbelievable growth rates, signature takes and extraordinary abundance!