Master Angler Awards

Submit Your Catch buttonManitoba is home to the oldest master angler program in North America, 50 years and going strong! Last year alone, more than 10,000 trophy fish from 30 qualifying species were caught and recorded – and almost 90% of those were released!

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Your Own Official Record
Every qualifying Master Angler fish you catch is honoured with a certificate recording your success. A unique certificate is given to those anglers who catch-and-release a trophy fish. Set aside a special place to display the highlights of your Manitoba angling adventures.

The Sign Of Things To Come

The Manitoba Master Angler Catch-and-Release shoulder patch is given to those individuals who release a qualifying fish. The growing number of patches awarded each year is a strong sign of anglers’ overall commitment to ensuring the future of our fisheries resource. Approximately 90% of the entries registered in the program are released by anglers, up from 65% in 1991, when the program first began tracking the percentage of fish released. Start your own catch-and-release practice by earning the one-time Catch-and-Release patch.

Looking Back…
From its modest beginning when the first badges and certificates were issued to 480 anglers catching trophy fish of seven different species, to today with 30 species and over 200,000 registered trophy fish, the Master Angler program provides an awards system that recognizes anglers’ abilities and achievements. From its inception the program was an instant success, and in 1986 the Master Angler program was computerized due to its continued popularity and growth. The first automated awards were issued in 1987. Presently, over 10,000 entries are registered in the program each year, including entries to the Li’l Angler Program, introduced in 2002.

Join the Masters
Look for the Manitoba Master Angler Archive on Master Angler Online.

Bronze Badge
Awarded only once, the Bronze badge is presented to anglers who catch their first trophy fish of qualifying size, in any one of the 30 eligible species.

Silver Badge (The Expert)
This badge honours the skill and scope it takes to catch one qualifying fish from five different species. The combination you choose to become an “Expert” is up to you.

Gold Badge (The Grand Master)
The right to wear gold is achieved by those who catch a qualifying fish from ten different species. A once-in-a-lifetime award, the Grand Master gold badge salutes the dedication, versatility and level of accomplishment of those who pursue this title.

Platinum Badge (Elite Angler)
The honour to wear Platinum is achieved by those anglers who catch one qualifying fish from fifteen different species of fish. A once-in-a-lifetime award, the Elite Angler platinum badge acknowledges the determination, perseverance and level of accomplishment of those anglers who have reached this prestigious level.

Diamond (Ultimate Angler)
This ‘extreme’ level of achievement and the right to wear “Diamond” is reserved for those anglers who register one qualifying fish in twenty different species. A once-in-a liftime award, the Diamond level is the most rewarding and esteemed level of accomplishment.
The Specialist

Catch five qualifying fish of one species to receive the Specialist badge. Master each of the species and earn a different badge each time. There are 30 Specialist badges to be had.