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Parkland Region


Parkland Region

Beautiful Porcupine Provincial Forest, Duck Mountain Provincial Park, and Riding Mountain National Park are located within this region. These wilderness areas and their adjacent landscapes are full of productive lakes and an abundance of walleye, northern pike, and trophy trout waters. The Parkland is world renowned for its fly-fishing opportunities.

Signature Species: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Tiger Trout, Brook Trout, Splake, Walleye, Northern Pike

Top Drive-to Trophy Walleye Destinations This Fall

The fall season in Manitoba has become synonymous with huge walleye.  Every year hundreds of Master Angler walleye are caught during this period of cooling temperatures, migrating schools, and shorter daylight hours.  While the chances of catching the fish of a lifetime are possible...

Alpine Country Outfitters

Stillwater Fly Fishing for trout in the Duck Mountains and eastern Parkland Area (Riding Mountain).

South Shore Lodge

Capacity - 10

10 units in main lodge with modern kitchen, washrooms, tub and shower.

Boats, gas, oil, guides, game processing.

Fishing available.

Hunting for upland game bird, waterfowl, non-resident black bear and deer.

Open all year.

Accessible by road.

Dudman Farms & Outfitting

Hunting for non-resident deer and black bear in GHA 22 and 23. Package plan, 3,000 acres of private land, rifle or bow.

Valley River Outfitting

Hunting for non-resident deer in GHA 18-18C and non-resident waterfowl hunting in GBHZ 3.

Ledoux's T'n'T Outfitting & Guiding

Learn the complete art of taxidermy. Hunting for non-resident black bear and deer in GHA 19B, 23, 23A and 24, resident black bear, moose, deer, elk, upland game bird and waterfowl. Packages available upon request. Accommodation facilities at nearby lodge. Taxidermy for trophy mount also available. Fully heated box blinds.

Big Grass Outfitters

Hunting for non-resident black bear in GHA 19B, 22 and 24 years, 100% opportunity over last 5 years along with high % colorphase bears.
Accommodation at outcamp in spring season and at the lodge in the Russell area for fall black bear and waterfowl.... Bird-watching.

Spectacular Splake Fishing - Manitoba Master Angler Minute

Boone Outfitting

Resident deer, moose and elk, non-resident deer in GHA 18-18C.

Duck Mountain Outfitters

Here at Duck Mountain Outfitters, our primary goal is to provide each of our clients with a premium experience from start to finish. Located in Northwestern Manitoba, Duck Mountain Outfitters has a reputation of providing some of the best black bear and whitetail deer hunting in North America.

We will make every effort to make your hunt a memory you will cherish forever.

In addition to providing you with an opportunity to take the trophy you're after, we will strive to give friendly and courteous service along with excellent accommodations and great home cooked meals!

Tom Usunier Outfitting

Hunting for non-resident black bear in GHA 19B, waterfowl in GHA 19B, 22 and 24.

Manitoba Hot Bite - Reservoir Walleye Smackdown

Manitoba is famous for having a plethora of world class walleye waters throughout every corner of the province.  So when we say that Lake of the Prairies is in the top tier of destinations to hit that is definitely saying a lot...

Species Spotlight - Manitoba's Gone Carp Crazy

Meet the Common Carp.  A controversial species that was first introduced to Manitoba in 1886, the Carp has suffered a less than acceptable social reputation due to its invasive nature and destruction to the ecological balance of various waterways. But with every negative there usually is a positive, now that would depend on which end of the spectrum...

Kick-Off to Open Water Fishing Season in Manitoba

Your guide to early season angling opportunities in the Southern Regions of Manitoba.  Your fishing gear has been meticulously cleaned and organized for weeks now.  No doubt you have equipped yourself with a handful of new and exciting lures and are fully re-stocked with your proven go-to tackle.  Biding your time browsing endless articles and binge...

Top 5 Early Season Walleye Destinations in Manitoba

Manitoba is stacked with endless lakes and rivers to target walleye.  Anglers can choose to hit a variety of drive-to destinations, ranging from our inland oceans down to small out-of-the-way feeder creeks, and still count on getting bit.  At no time is this most true than in the early part of the open water season.  The post-spawn walleye bite can be...

Trophy Trout

Looking for an epic fly fishing experience? Manitoba’s Parkland Region has you covered!

Brown trout, rainbow trout, tiger trout and brook trout, an all-star lineup of trophy trout species that are easily accessible to any curious fly fisher. When it comes to stillwater trout fishing, Manitoba has set the bar for an unparalleled trophy trout destination. 

Follow Phil Rowley from The New Fly Fisher, as he showcases the how to’s of stillwater fly fishing in Manitoba’s Parkland.

Top 6 Reasons to Choose Manitoba for Your Next Fishing Adventure

Manitoba is home to some of the best fishing opportunities in North America! Every year, anglers come from far and wide to take advantage of the phenomenal fishing we have in Manitoba.  Our visitors return year after year, with groups spanning multiple generations in many cases...

Sugarloaf Outfitting

Hunting for resident and non-resident black bear, resident moose, elk, upland game bird and waterfowl, photography tours in GHA 22 and 23A. Lodge situated on snowmobile trail linking Russell to Dauphin.

Riverside Lodge

Capacity - 21

Four kitchenette light housekeeping cabins with showers and television.

Lodge w/unlicensed dining room, boats, motors, gas, oil, guides, boat launch, canoes, fish/game cleaning, tackle, equipment, bait, fishing and hunting licences, ice fishing shacks, snowmobiling, hiking, nature viewing, photography and wildlife viewing guided tours.

Fishing for walleye, northern pike, perch, carp and trout. Winter and Summer

Hunting for resident and non-resident bear, deer, predators, waterfowl and upland game bird in GHA 14, 14A, 18B, 19, 19A, 19B, 23A.

Top 7 Reasons to Fish in Manitoba

The Canadian province of Manitoba is, quite simply, a world-class fishing destination. Its countless remote lakes and rivers are home to an abundance of fat walleye, sparkling rainbow trout, record-book northern pike and lake trout, and so much more. Without a doubt, it is one of the best places in North America to catch the fish...

Mountain Oak Outfitters

Hunting for resident and non-resident black bear and whitetail deer in GHA 23A, near Riding Mountain National Park. Bow, muzzle loader and rifle welcome.


The burbot may easily acquire the most votes for the “least likely to take home” award, but it’s an angling opportunity that can offer a whole lot of “wow” factor!

Silverwing Waterfowl

Manitoba's best Goose and Duck Hunting experience with the best Waterfowl guided hunt Outfitter!

The combination of excellent wetland habitat, vast grain-fields and Central flyway migrants has made our waterfowl hunting considered the best in North America.

Destination Spotlight: Legends of the Parkland, Trout Excellence in the Making!

When a vision is fostered by a passionate community, success is the end result. This is especially true for those who are and have been dedicated to developing and maintaining Manitoba’s renowned stillwater trout...

Rutting Buck Outfitters

Hunting for non-resident deer and black bear in GHA 19 and 19A, game bird and waterfowl. Field lunches and accommodations provided.

Timberton Guide Service

Non-resident whitetail deer and black bear. Archery hunts available. Accommodation at outcamp in three-bedroom cabin on the Valley River Reserve. Tobacco and alcohol free.

Lake Whitefish

Anglers who eagerly trail this plentiful species are repeatedly handed an unreal angling experience that would make most speculate on whether it actually happened!

Rock Bass

This red-eyed menace offers an aggressive bite that seldom decelerates and is regularly found in several fisheries throughout the southern regions of Manitoba!

Blue Lake Outfitters

Hunting for non-resident deer in GHAs 18-18C, archery, muzzle and rifle. Accommodation at Blue Lakes Resort.

Giant Northern Pike - Manitoba Master Angler Minute

E & D Outfitters

Non-resident, non-Canadian guided rifle, muzzle and bow bear hunts in GHA 23.

Drop-Tine Outfitters

Hunting for non-resident whitetail deer in GHA 18-18C, 19, 19A and 22, upland game bird and waterfowl.

Wellman Lake Lodge & RV Park

Capacity - 38

Five fully modern cabins with tubs and/or showers and one duplex unit. Full-service RV sites.

Store, restaurant, beach, canoes, boats with motors, gas, oil, laundromat, public shower, boat launching, fully serviced campground, tackle, bait, fishing and hunting licences, paddleboats, snowmobile and cross-country ski trails.

Fishing for lake trout, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, northern pike, walleye and perch.

Visa, MasterCard, Open year-round.

Accessible by road.

Bull Moose Outfitters

Hunting for resident black bear, deer and moose in GHA 18, 18B and 19. Fishing for walleye and northern pike. Arrangement for accommodation and camping facilities available. Boats, motors, canoes and equipment available.

National Park Northern Pike at Clear Lake - Uncut Angling

Early Ice Fishing Safety Tips

The countdown is on! As temperatures dip below the freezing mark, it won't be long before less sizeable heavily sheltered lakes become covered in ice, initiating the beginning of another hard-water season. Many anglers relish the mild weather and aggressive bites that go hand-in-hand with the transition period commonly referred to as first-ice...

Clear Lake Whitefish - Big China Outdoors

Destination Spotlight: Trophy Trout in Manitoba's Parkland

Looking for an epic fly fishing experience? Manitoba’s Parkland Region has you covered!  Brown trout, rainbow trout, tiger trout and brook trout, an all-star lineup of trophy trout species that are easily accessible to any curious fly fisher. When it comes to stillwater trout fishing, Manitoba has set the bar for an unparalleled trophy trout destination...

Trapper Tom

Non-resident bear, deer, waterfowl and upland game bird hunting in GHA 19A. Hiking and wildlife photography/filming.


This close cousin and miniature version of the legendary “Walleye”, is an adaptable little biter that dwells in many of Manitoba’s productive lake and river fisheries!

Manitoba Species Spotlight: Tip-up Giants

Sleeping Giant Outfitters

Hunting for non-resident deer and bear in GHA 22.

Black Ghost Adventures

Non-resident black bear hunting in GHA 23.

Tiger Trout

This half brown trout, half brook trout hybrid has established itself as a top-of-the-food-chain predator that presents one of the most exclusive angling experiences within Manitoba!

Keep Safe on the Ice in March

Spring is knocking on our door step as the south winds begin blowing in some beautiful temperatures across the province. Some of the best ice fishing can be had this time of year, also known as 'March Madness'. Along with having phenomenal fishing and hot...

Wild Haven Outfitting

Hunting for non-resident deer in GHA 22 and 23A, resident bear, moose, elk, game bird and waterfowl. Archery and rifle whitetail deer. Photography, bird-watching and hiking tours available.


With the strength and explosiveness of a lake trout and the elusive nature of a brook trout, the splake is an inspiring species that produces hallmark battles on some of the most attractive fisheries in Manitoba!

Fly Fishing for Massive Tiger Trout - Manitoba Master Angler Minute

Master Hunter Minute: Canada Geese

Canada goose in flight against blue skyManitoba is no stranger to the constant streams of migrating geese that seasonally crowd the open skies. Nor is it unusual to observe a massive volume of greater and lesser Canada's invade the endless tracts of fields and wetlands throughout our provincial boundaries.

Manitoba Ice Fishing - In-Fisherman Magazine

Let me say this: Manitoba is the ice fishing capital of the world — no ifs, ands or buts about it. The province that sits smack dab in the center of Canada — Canada's Heartbeat — is where you go to catch the biggest and the most fish in the winter...

Arctic Char

The Arctic char is a symbolic figure of Canada’s Arctic and arguably one of the most exotic fish to ever frequent the fresh waters of North America!

Yellow Perch

Catching jumbo perch that easily exceed the 14" mark is an experience that will make you look twice and cause to wonder if that brilliantly coloured, awkwardly proportioned fish is actually real!

Manitoba Hot Bite - Late Season Trophy Northerns

To many anglers in Manitoba, the arrival of fall illicits thoughts of chasing endless greenback walleyes. Battling feisty super-sized trout activated by the quickly dropping water temps or cherry picking plump smallmouth bass off of deep humps are top of mind as well. The autumn transition period however, isn’t commonly associated...

La Raine's Outfitting

Hunting for non-resident deer in GHA 23A.

Stickys Bait, Tackle & Guiding

Fishing and non-resident waterfowl hunting.

Endless Options for Angling Excellence: Your Guide to Manitoba's Regional Fishing Opportunities

With six unique and geographically distinct tourism regions within our provincial borders, Manitoba offers convenient access to a wide selection of extraordinary landscapes, remarkable destinations, and some of the most...

Baldy Mountain Outfitters

Baldy Mountain Outfitters Manitoba provides premium black bear hunts in the Duck Mountains of Manitoba. The area has been producing trophy-sized and a high percentage of color phase black bears for over 35 years.

We prioritize top-quality hunts that are full of action. Numerous bait sites are established and hunters have the unique opportunity to hunt a different stand every night.

We put great effort into baiting well and baiting more sites than we will use in a season to keep high numbers of bears coming and not becoming acclimated to people to any one site.

Common Carp

This Manitoba outcast has gained unquestioned popularity from dedicated global carp anglers and those that are simply looking for a supersized tug!

Canadian Wilderness Outfitters

Spring and fall bear and fall deer hunting in Parkland region. Lodging, meals provided.

Backroad Adventures

Hunting for resident bear and deer in GHA 18-18C, 19, 19A, 19B and 23A, resident moose in GHA 19A and 18-18C, game bird and waterfowl. Hunting and fishing packages. Archery, black powder and rifle. Eco-adventure tours year-round. Accommodations are prearranged and provided locally. Meal plans available.

Epic Tour of Manitoba Ice Fishing Destinations 1.0

When it comes to premiere ice fishing destinations, hardwaters within the borders of Manitoba have risen to the top of many lists. The phenomenal rise in popularity amongst visitors and residents alike choosing to fish here, owe in large part to the Lake Winnipeg craze that took the angling world by storm during this last decade...

Grandview Outfitters Inc.

Hunting for non-resident black bear in GHA 18 and 18B, non-resident deer in GHA 18-18C and ecotourism activities. Gateway to the Duck Mountains. Rifle, archery and muzzleloading hunts available. Lodge capacity for four to six hunters.

Destination Spotlight: Lake of the Prairies, Walleye Madness!

Great Manitoba walleye destinations are certainly no secret to the avid local angler, nor to the thousands of die-hard walleye warriors that choose to visit our province every year. But finding a location that offers something for everyone with convenient access to over thirty miles of exceptional angling is sometimes easier said than done...


Ice fishing on Lake of the Prairies.

Desjardins Outfitting

Non-resident black bear, game bird and waterfowl hunting in Laurier area.

Crawford Park Adventures

Hunting for non-resident deer in GHA 23.

Nature Boyz Outfitters

Hunting for resident and non-resident bear in GHA 19, non-resident deer in GHA 15 and 19A, resident moose and elk, upland game bird and waterfowl. Meals and accommodations can be arranged at nearby facilities.

Arrow Lake Outfitters

Non-resident whitetail deer in GHA 22 and 23, upland game bird and waterfowl. Accommodation in fully modern log lodge and cabins on Arrow Lake. Hiking and canoeing.

Crawford Park Outfitters

Non-resident deer hunting on private property in GHA 23.

Harvest Lodge on Waterhen River

We are a family owned and operated hunting and fishing lodge in Manitoba. We provide a top-notch experience for several big game animals including bear and whitetail deer as well as excellent fishing on the Waterhen River with access to area lakes. Because of our location along the flyway, we attract thousands of geese and ducks every season!


A long list of catchable sucker species inhabit a large variety of Manitoba’s lakes and rivers, offering a “Grand Slam” of unique angling opportunities!

Rainbow Trout

As a recipient of one of the most recognized stocking and trophy trout programs, Manitoba’s “Bow”, has achieved global recognition for its unbelievable growth rates, signature takes and extraordinary abundance!

Blue Lakes Resort

Experience nature and wilderness at its best. Seven modern, one semi-modern cabins. Boat, canoe, kayak, pedal boat rentals. Store, restaurant, public showers, laundromat bait/tackle, gas. Visa, MasterCard, Interac.

Fall Time is Prime Time for Monster Trout

Manitoba offers a wealth of stocked trout fishing opportunities, with almost all of these majestic locations easily accessible by vehicle throughout the entire season. Most of these lakes are open to angling year round due to the fact that trout do not successfully spawn in a good portion...

Parklands Monster Trout - New Fly Fisher

Silver Creek Outfitting

Hunting for resident black bear, moose, elk, resident and non-resident deer, upland game bird and waterfowl in GHA 13/13A, 14/14A and 18-18C.

South Side Outfitters

Hunting camp located on the south side of Riding Mountain National Park.

Judy Usunier Outfitting

Hunting for non-resident black bear in GHA 24, waterfowl in GHA 19B, 22 and 24.

Sclater River Outfitters

Hunting for resident and non-resident bear Near Cowan Manitoba North East of the Duck Mountains in GHA 14, 14A and 19A, resident and non-resident deer in GHA 18A-C, waterfowl and upland game bird.

Top 5 Reasons to Ice Fish in Manitoba

Manitoba welcomes you to our hard water world. Come see why thousands of ice fishing fanatics descend on our province every winter to drop a line. There are many reasons to visit but we have narrowed it down to the Top 5. Hopefully this list helps to convince you to choose Manitoba for your next ice fishing adventure.

Childs Lake Lodge and Outfitters

Capacity - 32

Six fully modern cabins with tubs and showers. One unit is wheelchair accessible, two have fireplaces, one a whirlpool tub.

Licensed Beverage room, grocery store, beach, boat rentals, canoes, gas, motors, dock, tackle, bait, a small engine garage

Full American package plan.

Open year-round.

Accessible by road.

Whackm Outdoors

WHACKM Outdoors is a fishing outfitting company located in the Parkland area of Manitoba. To be a little more specific, outside area around Riding Mountain National Park, and in and around Asessippi and Duck Mountain Provincial Parks. WHACKM is licensed to 51 pristine waterbodies in the area, which contain a large variance of fishable species. There are several targetable warm water species, such as pike, perch, walleye, smallmouth bass, and carp. There are also several targetable cold water species, such as lake trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, and tiger trout.

D. & O. Soloway Outfitters

Year-round nature photography trips. Geocaching, ATV, snowmobile, hiking and cycling tours. Accommodations available.