Brook Trout

Also known as: Speckled trout, Brookie, Specks or Squaretail

Soft Scales, Mottled Skin

Worm-like markings on a darker background are found on the top portion of the Brook trout. You’ll find a vivid white line on the front edge on lower fins. The strongly mottled dorsal fin has 10 rays. The male develops deep yellow-red-crimson colours with red and pale yellow spots along the sides during breeding season. Brook trout feel soft to the touch because of the very small scales that cover the entire body.

The Brook trout is native to Manitoba and part of the province‟s aquatic fauna. Beautiful colours and scarcity – they thrive in the coldest, cleanest conditions – make it even more valuable.

Shallow Feeder

Wild Brook trout at spawning time are among the most beautiful of all fishes. They spawn from late September to October. Redds or nests are constructed by females in clean gravel areas, often near the headwaters of spring-fed streams. Brook trout stay right near the water surface until the warm weather of Manitoba‟s summer months. Once the water has warmed they will usually be found between 10 and 30 feet from the surface. In the summer, it is common for Brook trout go to the deepest part of the lake, coming to shallower water when feeding.

Brook trout weighing over one pound are considered a trophy since life expectancy is seldom longer than three years.

Native to the lower portion of the Churchill River and its tributaries, Brook trout have also been stocked in more southern locations. The Whiteshell Provincial Park, Stony Creek near Neepawa and in several streams in Duck Mountain Provincial Park are home to lakes perfect for fishing Brook trout. You’ll find them in abundance in small streams, rivers and brooks in most of northeastern Manitoba. Natural reproduction of Brook trout is presently limited to these waters with two possible exceptions being the Steeprock and Pine Rivers in west central Manitoba.

Manitoba Record: Caught in Barbe Lake, the largest Brook Trout was 76.20 cm (30”).

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