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Record Catch 124.46 cm (49")
Top 3 Catches
  • Della Adolphe 124.46 cm / (49")
  • Gary Lagimodiere 119.38 cm / (47")
  • Alan Lagimodiere 118.75 cm / (46.75")



Widely described as the “ultimate” freshwater predator, the allusive muskie could be one of the most actively pursued big game fish species in North America. For a fish that can grow to 60 inches in length, the muskellunge is a famously followed adversary that is widely known for its cunning abilities and ferocious battles. 

Uncommon in Manitoba, the muskie has only been historically caught in a few locations as a result of focused stocking programs or as an accidental catch. There are presently no dedicated muskie fisheries within Manitoba. Only limited catches have been recently documented from the Manitoba side of Shoal Lake, along the Ontario border.

Manitoba Record: Caught in Shoal Lake, measuring 124.46 cm (49”)

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