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Central Region


Hunting in Manitoba's Central Region

From the stunning landscapes of the Pembina River Valley to the southern edge of Lake Manitoba, the Central Region stands in the heart of south central Mantioba. Home to rich farmland, rolling hard woods and the legendary Delta Marsh, this unique region is recognized for its outstanding waterfowl and game bird hunting.

Signature Species: Wild Turkey, Whitetail Deer, Ducks, Geese, Grouse, Partridge

Big Al's Buckstop Outfitting

Hunting for non-resident archery deer in GHA 30, 31 & 32, upland game bird and waterfowl in GBHZ 4. Accommodation at local bed and breakfast.

Hunting for Puddle Ducks in Manitoba - Manitoba Master Hunter Minute

Manitoba's Unique Waterfowl Hunting Opportunities are Calling

With a diverse landscape that attracts massive flocks of ducks and geese each fall, Manitoba offers a unique waterfowl hunting experience for everyone. And while a trip to this province can deservedly be considered one of a lifetime, here is a look at three hunts that will have you eager...

Gator's Outfitting

Outfitter in Manitoba.

My First Turkey! Southern Manitoba Turkey Hunt - Jay Siemens

The southern areas of Manitoba's Central Region offer exceptional turkey hunting opportunities for resident hunters. The wild turkey inhabits a large percentage of the region's sprawling agricultural and woodlot habitats, which often presents the most favourable choice for those looking to pursue wild turkeys for the very first time...

Nelsonville Outfitters

Non-resident deer hunting in GHA 31, waterfowl and upland game bird. Fishing on Pembina River, Shannon Creek and Lizard Lake.

Reeds & Redheads Outfitting

Hunting for resident and non-resident upland game bird and waterfowl in GHA 25A and 25B within GBHZ 4.

Hunting in the Heart of Canada: Your Guide to Manitoba's Regional Hunting Opportunities

Exclusive Opportunities, Endless Possibilities. From the untamed barren grounds of the North, the rolling hills and mixed forests of the Parkland...

Jimmy Robinson's Sports Afield Duck Lodge

Capacity - 16

One main lodge with 12 bedrooms with showers.

Unlicensed dining room, boats, guides, game processing.

Hunting for waterfowl.

Open September to November.

Accessible by road.

Top 6 Reasons to Choose Manitoba for Your Next Hunting Adventure

Manitoba is home to some of the best hunting opportunities in North America! Our vast landscape is host to millions of waterfowl, countless game birds and many of Canada’s most desirable big game species...

Waterfowl Hunting in Manitoba

Host to a generous variety of migratory game birds,  Manitoba has prevailed as one of the premier waterfowl  destinations in North America. Home to Ducks Unlimited  and their first Canadian wetland restoration project, Manitoba  is recognized for holding some of the very best in prairie nesting  habitat and for possessing an impressive inventory of prime  environments for ducks, geese and Sandhill cranes. 

Hunting for Wild Turkey in Manitoba - Manitoba Master Hunter Minute

Cupped Wings Outfitting

Hunting for Canada geese and field mallards in the Interlake region as well as sandhill cranes and spring snow geese in the Prairie Pothole region.

Hunting for Canada Geese in Manitoba

Rattlin Rack Outfitters

Non-resident archery whitetail deer hunting in GHA 33. Meals and accommodation provided at licensed facilities.

Crooked Creek Lodge

Capacity - 12

One fully modern main lodge with six bedrooms, two bathrooms with showers. Unlicensed dining room.

Upland game bird and waterfowl.

Full American Plan.

Accessible by road.

Manitoba Has Hunting At Its Heart

Walking along a forest trail, I come upon a large wetland, where a big bull moose stands chest deep in the icy water, eating a breakfast of submerged vegetation. One well-placed shot from my rifle and the bull stumbles to the shore before falling. Hunkered in a blind, I watch a flock of Canada geese set their wings and finish right in the pocket...

Manitoba: The Land of Opportunity for a Waterfowl Hunter

Stretching all the way from the shores of Hudson Bay in the north to the grainfields and wetlands in the south, Manitoba is a province defined by its diverse geography. And for those who pursue waterfowl, it is a landscape that brings an equally wide range of hunting opportunities...

Hunting for Wild Turkey in Manitoba - Manitoba Master Hunter Minute

Originally introduced to the province in 1958, the wild turkey has evolved into a highly desired game species that has been successfully established throughout southern Manitoba. Growing populations and dedicated conservation projects have heightened the stature of Manitoba's wild turkeys...

Big Game Hunting in Manitoba

Diverse species, prime habitats and remote populations,  essential qualities that have all shaped Manitoba’s reputable status as a premier big game destination. Central Canadian barren ground caribou, Canadian moose, elk, whitetail deer, black bear, wolf and coyote inhabit the limits of our various terrains and present  an array of sought-after hunting experiences, with many unique  to the heart of Canada.