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Ice Fishing in Manitoba

Manitoba is no stranger to the growing 'ice fishing revolution', nor to the world class ice fisheries that annually entice thousands of fanatical ice anglers. Our cold winters are a gateway to unreal ice fishing opportunities, offering favourable access to numerous lakes and rivers and a wide variety of trophy species. Yellow perch, northern pike, lake trout, greenback walleye, rainbow trout, and black crappie are all popular choices for our loyal ice anglers, as are the remote back country and easily accessible fisheries that Manitoba offers in abundance.

Extreme adventures on renowned hard waters

December through April, our hard water world presents options  for everyone. From an easy, do-it-yourself family trip to a local  trout lake to a full service guided adventure on the remote limits  of our inland oceans, Manitoba presents an open door to epic  ice fishing experiences.

Ice Fishing Outfitters

Searching for the ice fishing trip of your dreams? Find the perfect Lodge or Outfitter to help you with your next adventure on the ice.

Manitoba Lakers - Fish Addictions TV

Epic Manitoba Ice Fishing Adventures - Wekusko Falls Lodge

Gigantic Greenbacks - Manitoba Master Angler Minute

Tip-up Ice Fishing for Buffalo Bay Northern Pike

“That must be some fly-in lake?” “You caught all those huge pike in one trip!”  Those are just a few of the comments I hear when showing off pike images from our winter fishing trips. What if I told you that if you truly wanted to catch the pike of your dreams it wasn’t that hard? It isn’t!..

Hecla Island Ice Shacks: A Unique Ice Fishing Experience

Anglers coming to Lake Winnipeg for ice fishing are spoiled for choice when it comes to lake access. Regardless of what direction you are coming from, there is an access for you. Assuming you are approaching Lake Winnipeg from the South, which, most of us...

Yellow Perch

Catching jumbo perch that easily exceed the 14" mark is an experience that will make you look twice and cause to wonder if that brilliantly coloured, awkwardly proportioned fish is actually real!

4 Top Spots for Manitoba’s Giant Winter Walleyes, Pike and Lakers

Waters in the continental United States that offer ice anglers a genuine shot at truly huge predator fish are few and far between; but make a quick skip across the border into Manitoba and the opportunities to target hulking walleyes, massive pike or titanic lake trout are seemingly limitless...

Epic Tour of Manitoba Ice Fishing Destinations 1.0

When it comes to premiere ice fishing destinations, hardwaters within the borders of Manitoba have risen to the top of many lists. The phenomenal rise in popularity amongst visitors and residents alike choosing to fish here, owe in large part to the Lake Winnipeg craze that took the angling world by storm during this last decade...