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North of 53

Northern Region

North of the 53rd parallel is the vast top half of the province. Untamed wilderness with countless lakes and rivers define this sprawling landscape. A chance at a fish of a lifetime is possible here with every cast or drop of the line.

Signature Species: Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye, Brook Trout, Arctic Grayling

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Hunting Description: 

Northern Region

Encompassing the majority of our provincial boundaries, the Northern Region is home to countless lakes and rivers, both rugged and untamed wilderness. From the Hudson Bay lowlands to remote boreal forests, Manitoba's North is rich with a diversity of wildlife and undoubtedly one of the most sought-after hunting destinations in all of Canada. 

Signature Species: Caribou, Moose, Black Bear, Wolf, Snow Geese, Ptarmigan, Grouse

Manitoba Has Hunting At Its Heart

Walking along a forest trail, I come upon a large wetland, where a big bull moose stands chest deep in the icy water, eating a breakfast of submerged vegetation. One well-placed shot from my rifle and the bull stumbles to the shore before falling. Hunkered in a blind, I watch a flock of Canada geese set their wings and finish right in the pocket. Their excited clucks as they land among our decoys is almost deafening...

Make Mine Manitoba Fishing

It is no coincidence that the center of North America, geographically speaking, runs right through Manitoba. You’ll find the finest freshwater fishing opportunities in the world focused on the province as well. I like to think of Canada as a string of exquisite pearls, with Manitoba as the centerpiece, the pride and joy, the biggest, brightest and boldest jewel...

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4 Top Spots for Manitoba’s Giant Winter Walleyes, Pike and Lakers

Waters in the continental United States that offer ice anglers a genuine shot at truly huge predator fish are few and far between; but make a quick skip across the border into Manitoba and the opportunities to target hulking walleyes, massive pike or titanic lake trout are seemingly limitless...

Manitoba: The Land of Opportunity for a Waterfowl Hunter

Stretching all the way from the shores of Hudson Bay in the north to the grainfields and wetlands in the south, Manitoba is a province defined by its diverse geography. And for those who pursue waterfowl, it is a landscape that brings an equally wide range of hunting opportunities...

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Top 6 Reasons to Choose Manitoba for Your Next Hunting Adventure

Manitoba is home to some of the best hunting opportunities in North America! Our vast landscape is host to millions of waterfowl, countless game birds and many of Canada’s most desirable big game species...

Hunting in the Heart of Canada: Your Guide to Manitoba's Regional Hunting Opportunities

Exclusive Opportunities, Endless Possibilities. From the untamed barren grounds of the North, the rolling hills and mixed forests of the Parkland...