Triple Master Angler Cats for #ProjectAdventure

It was a July afternoon for the record books! Three rods aboard Todd Longley‘s boat started twitching wildly, and before too long, the Red River outfitter had boated three Manitoba Master Angler channel catfish simulataneously for his enthusiastic guests. And that was just the beginning.

His guests were the four gentlemen who make up #ProjectAdventure. It’s a two month long odyssey sponsored by Hudson’s Bay that takes this tribe of filmmakers and extreme sports enthusiasts from coast to coast to coast in Canada. They made a quick stop in Winnipeg—then headed to Selkirk to experience all the Red River has to offer—before heading to Churchill to swim with the belugas.

Follow their adventure on Twitter via the hashtag #ProjectAdventure and stay tuned for their web exclusive video featuring the Manitoba channel catfish adventure!