The Sweet South: When, Where and How to Catch

Manitoba is blessed with countless regions, each that provide an opportunity to catch fish. Let’s take a look at the southern end of the province.

Species: Walleye, Bass, Catfish, Sauger, Freshwater Drum, Carp, Northern Pike
Season: June, July, August, September, October
Best for: Family trips, group getaways, walleye and catfish.

Head to the southeast corner of the province where the Lake of the Woods region delivers premium waters for walleye, bass and—if you’re really lucky—a musky. Continue your journey north, sticking close to the Ontario border, and you’ll set foot in The Whiteshell, a region dotted with lodges and resorts and plenty of plentiful lakes. Here the Canadian Shield offers big battles with pike, trout and bass, but it’s walleye that own these waters. You’ll soon slide into the land of the river—the Assiniboine, Winnipeg and Red that that criss-cross the landscape and offer up more trophy fish, in more species, than any other waters in the province (arguably). If you’re spending time in Winnipeg, you’re fishing trip isn’t over. The Red and Assinboine rivers meet at The Forks and there’s plenty of space to drop a line here along the pathways. Follow the rivers in any direction and you’ll likely find an accessible, secluded spot where walleye, sauger, goldeye, freshwater drum, carp and channel cats.

Hot Bait: Walleye: jig and Gulp! or minnow. Drum: single hook with cocktail shrimp.

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