The Wild West: When, Where and How to Catch

Manitoba is blessed with countless regions, each that provide an opportunity to catch fish. Let’s take a look at the western end of the province.

Species: Northern pike, trout, walleye/pickerel
Season: May to September
Best for: This region is best for the finest drive-to and short-hop, fly-in angling.

It’s all about options in this patch, nestled up against the Saskatchewan border. It’s the Grass and Saskatchewan river systems that offer the deep, clear lakes and fast-running rivers that grow the big trophies of northern pike, lake trout, walleye and trout. The beauty of this neck of the woods is that you can drive here or take a short flight to a secluded lake.

Pick the kind of fishing trip you want, from a don’t-lift-a-finger stay at a lodge to a more do-it-yourself option. Bring your boat or rent one here. Bring the boys, gather up the girls, pack up the family or do a solo trip—this area truly has a fishing trip for every angler. Many rivers run through here.

Check out the Churchill, Burntwood and Rat river systems for more northern pike, lake trout, walleye, arctic grayling, whitefish and rainbows. It’s the mix of Canadian Shield and sub arctic that yields this kind of diversity. It’s also home to the Parkland region where stocked ponds hold plenty of promise for still water fly fishing.

Hot Bait: Northern pike, a big Len Thompson Five o’ Diamonds. Walleye, a tiny Mepps Aglia Streamer.

Looking for lodging information? Check out the fishing lodges in this region.