Show Us Your Best “Master Angler Moment” Contest

Show us your best “Master Angler Moment” for a chance to win a one year subscription to Hooked Magazine, have your photo published on Hooked Magazine’s Hall of Fame page and a Master Angler hat and hoodie!

Here’s How To Enter:

During the first week of each month, from May to September, 2015, a specific fish species will be announced with a minimum Master Angler length requirement.

May Species: Brown Trout
Qualifying Length: 20 inches

Show us your best “Master Angler Moment” by posting a picture of you holding the qualifying fish species on the comment thread of our facebook post at

Your fish photo must be captured and available in high resolution. (1 Meg minimum.)

All posted photos must show the qualifying fish species being held horizontally (no vertical gill holds), in good health and releasable.

Pictures must be posted no later than the last day of each month.

The winning photo for each qualifying species will be judged based on the quality of the photo, how well the species is presented and “wow” factor.

We will announce a winner during the first week of each proceeding contest month on our Facebook page

Good luck and good fishing!