Ridiculous Rest Stop Rainbows!

Those of us that spend long hours on the road, travelling abroad, are usually privy to an array of road side wonders and undiscovered experiences that most people are just plainly unaware of. Regardless of how many rubber tire miles one may put on, we often come across those unassuming hidden gems that fuel our curiosity and put us in a place that we could never have imagined.

With reference to hidden gems, you may not think of a conveniently placed rest stop being worthy of such a category, nor a location to seek an unimaginable experience. But when it comes to a remarkable angling location, that offers an easily accessible opportunity at giant Rainbow Trout, you might just take a moment to consider the possibilities.

Heading northwest, out of the town of Minnedosa, Manitoba, you would soon arrive at the marked junction of Highway 16 and Highway 10. Off in the near distance is a substantial rest stop structure that can hardly be missed due to its larger than life, Canvasback duck attraction, which stands before it. Hidden immediately behind a perimeter of trees is the largely unnoticed, Anton’s Lake.

This miniature example of a Manitoba Lake conceals a ripe opportunity to pursue big, beautiful Rainbows that are hardly given the time of day. How big you might ask? Anton’s has showcased some mega Bows that exceed 26 inches with various other 20 inch plus specimens being caught throughout the open and hard water months. Not bad for a mistaken prairie pothole that most people pass without a glance!

One of the best parts about Anton’s is its ease of access. A short distance from the rest stop parking lot are three well positioned docks on the south side of the lake. This location puts shore anglers in a great position to successfully cast to cruising trout and enjoy a little dock side action. Those with a float tube or small boat with an electric motor, can expand their angling options and gain the ability to venture out past the on-shore limits.

Anton’s Lake is a year round fishery with a dedicated aeration system that runs throughout the winter months. Those that choose to engage in its ice fishing opportunities must be aware of the possibilities for thin ice and open water.

Side Note: As an added bonus, Anton’s produces some impressive Brown Trout that also grow to 25 inch plus proportions!