Destination Spotlight: Inbound to the Barren Grounds, Hunting and Beyond

The far reaches of Manitoba’s northern region offers one of the most sought-after hunting experiences in existence. This vast tundra landscape presents a premier opportunity to pursue the central Canadian barren-ground caribou during their annual migration. Numbering in the hundreds of thousands, the Qamanirjuaq herd funnels through this remote environment en route to their southern wintering grounds.

Known for their extraordinary antlers and outstanding table qualities, the central Canadian barren-ground caribou has become a celebrated big game species that is eagerly followed by resident and non-resident hunters alike. It’s a signature hunting experience that frequently results in a rewarding harvest, but it also exposes a mesmerizing ecosystem filled with a plethora of extraordinary wildlife encounters.

Often referred to as the “Serengeti of the North” the Barren grounds are home to distinct local and migrating species with many that are traditionally dependent on the migrating caribou. For the watchful hunter, unexpected appearances from polar bears, barren-ground grizzlies, wolverines and Arctic fox may be observed, with the realistic potential of capturing a lasting photograph of these elusive predators.

Whether you are a resident or non-resident hunter, Manitoba has a select list of experienced caribou outfitters that offer a variety of attractive fly-in hunting packages. From rustic tent camps to full service lodges, each outfitter is strategically positioned along historic migration routes.

Prime hunting times for caribou are during the first three weeks of September. Additional hunting opportunities may also be available, including ptarmigan, snow geese, Canada geese, sandhill cranes, wolves and black bear.

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