Top Picks for Phenomenal Fall Time Fishing

Manitoba’s fall fishing season can offer anglers a “hot bite” for a variety of different species. September and October are prime months that present consistent opportunities for big fish and steady action. We’ve listed a few options for some phenomenal fall time fishing!

Interlake Region

Species: Greenback walleye

Where: Red River (Lockport Dam to end of Main)

When: Late September to early November

Possibly the “best location” for both boat and shore anglers to catch a giant greenback walleye, the Red has become a top choice for those seeking this Manitoba phenomenon.

Eastern Region

Species: Greenback walleye

Where: Winnipeg River (Pine Falls Dam to Lake Winnipeg)

When: Late September to early November

This popular stretch of the Winnipeg River offers anglers excellent options for the greenback, both in size and in quantity. Fish the numerous spots throughout the river or venture out past the river mouth on Lake Winnipeg.

Parkland Region

Species: Rainbow, brown, brook, splake and tiger trout

Where: Tokaryk, Patterson, Twin, Persse, West Blue and Laurie Lake

When: Late September to late October

This renowned area has been justly proclaimed Manitoba’s fly fishing Mecca. A wide selection of highly managed lakes offer a “one-of-a-kind” multi species trout destination that is hard to beat.

Northern Region

Species: Northern pike, lake trout

Where: Clearwater, Reed, Kississing, and Athapapuskow Lake

When: Early September to late October

“The Land of the Giants” offers a variety of convenient drive-to lakes that extend world class opportunities for monster pike and lake trout. The majority of the lakes are in close proximity to various services and excellent accommodation options.

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