Photo Essay: Manitoba’s Migratory Mecca, Capturing Waterfowling at its Finest!

When it comes to waterfowl hunting, Manitoba is always a household name. Home to the Central and Mississippi Flyways, Hudson Bay, Lake Winnipegosis, Lake Manitoba, Lake Winnipeg, The Prairie Pothole Region, Big Grass Marsh, Oak Hammock Marsh, Delta Marsh, (and the list goes on) Manitoba continually attracts the attention and loyalty of the most ardent waterfowl enthusiasts.

From the endless flocks of spring snow geese on the coast of Hudson Bay to the boundless droves of swarming mallards in the Prairie Potholes, Manitoba presents an alluring opportunity to experience a multitude of world class waterfowl experiences.

This is waterfowling at its finest!

“Marauding Mallards”

“Duelling with Divers”

“Giant Leads”

Final Approach”


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