Destination Spotlight: Legends of the Parkland, Trout Excellence in the Making!

When a vision is fostered by a passionate community, success is the end result. This is especially true for those who are and have been dedicated to developing and maintaining Manitoba’s renowned stillwater trout fisheries.

This dedication goes back to the late 80s when heavy winter kills in the region prompted local fish and game groups to begin stocking brown and rainbow trout to replenish uninhabited waters. These highly fertile lakes soon revealed abundant populations of gammarus scuds that were heavily consumed by the transplanted trout populations. With extraordinary results, the Parkland region began producing trophy trout specimens that quickly gained a prominent reputation for reaching mind blowing dimensions.

Today, the Parkland region is home to dozens of world class trout fisheries that offer angling opportunities for splake, Arctic char, rainbow, brown, brook, and tiger trout. Many are highly managed fisheries that have adopted special regulations and management initiatives to help preserve the trophy experience. From catch and release policies to seasonal aeration, Parkland stillwaters have set an exemplary model. Whether you choose to fish conventionally, with a fly rod, or through the ice, the Parkland presents an exclusive experience that is unique to Manitoba.

But it doesn’t end here. To sustain such a resource takes a considerable amount of planning, time, effort, labour, and monetary means; without those investments, these endeavours would have only remained a vision. But thanks to a long standing commitment from various members of Manitoba’s angling community, local conservation groups, provincial and local government, and fisheries staff, the Parkland’s trout legacy has endured the tests of time and continues to progress forward towards new successes and opportunities.

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“There are a lot of people who work hard to develop and sustain these world class trout fisheries,” said Ben Brodeur, who manages economic development for Roblin, Manitoba. “It’s a working partnership that provides anglers with a trophy trout experience but also positive economic benefits for our communities and region.”

Releasing Brown Trout Brood Stock

Roblin is proudly named the “Jewel of the Parkland” and a jewel it is. Two well-known rainbow and brown trout lakes, West and East Goose, are conveniently located on each side of highway 83 at the town’s south entrance. Both trophy fisheries, they were selected for practise and competition venues during the Canadian National Fly Fishing Championships, which Roblin hosted in 2010. Roblin has once again taken the initiative to promote the Parkland trout experience and will be hosting the fly fishing championships for the second time in 2017.

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