Photo Essay: Manitoba’s Hard Water World, Capturing Ice Fishing at its Finest!

The past decade has seen the arrival of an array of admired ice fishing prodigies who have revolutionized a favourite winter pastime and revealed a plethora of remarkable ice fishing experiences across North America’s ice belt. From the northern states to central Canada, ice fishing has undoubtedly made an unprecedented mark.

Manitoba is no stranger to the “ice fishing revolution”, nor to the world class ice fisheries that annually entice fanatical hard water anglers. From the greenback walleye phenomenon on Lake Winnipeg to the extraordinary opportunities for giant lake trout and pike in our vast northern region, it’s here, where ice fishing has made an everlasting impression.

With over 100,000 lakes and rivers, unique geographic regions, remote back country or easily accessible drive-to fisheries and a multitude of sought after species, it’s no wonder why Manitoba has been exposed as an exceptional hard water destination.

This is ice fishing at its finest!

“The Greenback Phenomenon”

“Deep Water Moguls”

“Back Country Slabs”

“Shallow Water Monsters”

“Unsung Heroes”

Ice Fishing Lodges and Outfitters

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