Top 5 Reasons to Hunt Waterfowl in Manitoba

Welcome to the migratory mecca!

Host to a substantial variety of migratory game birds, Manitoba has prevailed as one of the premier waterfowl destinations in North America. Home to Ducks Unlimited and their first Canadian wetland restoration project, Manitoba is recognized for holding some of the very best in prairie nesting habitat and possessing an impressive inventory of prime environments for ducks, geese and Sandhill cranes.

1. Big Numbers

In route of the Central and Mississippi flyways, Manitoba stands in the heart of the migrating masses. Millions of migratory game birds annually flock to various regions of the province, swarming everything from the Hudson Bay coastline to the countless lakes and marshes throughout the southern landscapes. An abundance of prime habitat and hunting options make Manitoba an easy choice for any waterfowl excursion. Fall migrations can offer constant flights of ducks, geese and Sandhill cranes, with a late season push that is often envied and pursued by a loyal wing shooting audience.

2. Variety

Various puddle and diving ducks, multiple Canada goose species, white-fronted geese, snow, blue and Ross’s geese, and Sandhill cranes present every waterfowler a diversity of unique hunting opportunities. Bluebills on big water, canvasbacks on legendary marshes, greenheads on prairie potholes, giant Canada’s and cranes on sprawling croplands, and white geese on coastal flats are only slight examples of Manitoba’s migratory realm. Match a species with a favourable location and season, and you’ll be on a path to waterfowl excellence.

3. Unique Destinations

Manitoba’s numerous waterfowl experiences are complimented by six geographically distinct tourism regions that define its provincial boundaries. Within each region there is a gateway to unique waterfowl environments that are equally complimented by signature wing shooting experiences. From diving ducks on wild rice lakes in the Eastern Region, mallards and pintails on endless potholes and croplands in the Western Region, to snow geese on the coastal frontier of the Northern Region. Pair the diversity of hunt able options with one of many renowned waterfowl lodges or outfitters and you could encounter a genuine waterfowl experience that is nothing short of epic.

4. Convenient Access

With Manitoba’s southern regions being a recognized hub for migratory activity, a variety of prime hunting destinations are easily accessed by provincial highways and secondary roads. Within a three hour drive of the city of Winnipeg, waterfowlers can enjoy a multitude of water and field hunting options. The majority of southern based lodges and outfitters offer a convenient pick-up service for those looking to fly into Winnipeg’s international airport, which welcomes daily flights from multiple US locations. For those heading to the coastal reaches of our Northern Region, connecting flights to Thompson, Churchill and Gillam are also scheduled out of Winnipeg.

5. Generous Seasons & Limits

Depending on your residency, choice of species and game bird hunting zones, Manitoba offers a lengthy migratory game bird season that runs from mid-March to mid-June in the spring and mid-August to late November in the fall. With seasonal weather and migration patterns often being the limiting factors within scheduled seasons, waterfowlers can often count on a few weeks in May to provide favourable hunting options during the spring white goose season and mid-September to early November for the fall season.

Daily and possession limits are specific to each migratory species, they may also be based on game bird hunting zone, and whether you are a Resident, Non-resident or Foreign Resident hunter. Regardless, generous daily and possession limits are afforded to all migratory species, which are often similar amongst the Prairie Provinces.

For more information on Game Bird Hunting Zones, season dates, limits, resident, non-resident and foreign resident licenses or additional information on hunting migratory game birds in Manitoba, please visit the Manitoba Sustainable Development website or refer to the current printed Manitoba Hunting Guide.

Waterfowl Lodges & Outfitters

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