Ice Fishing for Hawg Brown Trout in Manitoba – Manitoba Master Angler Minute

Manitoba’s brown trout have developed a notable reputation for their challenging quest and capability of growing to a staggering size. Hooking into a monster brown trout is an occasion that will instantly remind you why there surrounded by so much hype.

Whether you choose to fish during the open water or hard water season, Manitoba is home to, more than one, epic brown trout destination. With a wide selection of sought after fisheries that offer phenomenal populations, the possibilities are endless for the universally desired, hooked jaw giant. With catches that often exceed 28 inches, Manitoba has an open door to the ultimate brown trout adventure!

Follow Aaron Wiebe as he showcases where, when and how to catch brown trout in Manitoba.

For more information on ice fishing for brown trout in Manitoba, visit our Brown Trout page.

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