Wilderness Camping for Crappies in Whiteshell Provincial Park

Located in the southern part of Manitoba’s Eastern Region is the Whiteshell Provincial Park. Often described as an angler’s paradise, it is home to a wide variety of trophy-sized fish. I spent three days fishing and camping in designated spots among the many islands throughout South Cross Lake, Caddy Lake, and Falcon Lake, targeting trophy black crappie and smallmouth bass. The fishing was incredible; each lake produced Manitoba Master Angler sized fish along with awesome scenery and amazing adventure. Don’t forget your camera and binoculars at home. The park is also a sanctuary for all kinds of animals. Some of the most commonly seen wildlife are beavers, moose, bears, otters, and loons. The underground rock tunnels formed through the Canadian Shield that tie Caddy Lake and South Cross Lake together are stunningly breath taking. Caddy Lake and Falcon Lake also offer large public sand beaches, full service campsites, boat launches, hiking and biking trails, and locally owned stores for those last minute purchases.

This access channel into South Cross Lake can be found on the northern end of Caddy Lake. The tranquility and serenity are second to none. They are passable most times of the year by watercraft. Use caution and adhere to the rules of the tunnels when traveling through them.

Home to a multitude of hiking and biking trails, you’ll find amazing age old underground water ways. Here you see the tunnel that connects Caddy Lake and South Cross Lake.

Come check out world class trophy black crappie fishing! Both Caddy Lake as well as South Cross Lake are well known to produce huge crappie. These extremely aggressive panfish can be found prowling weed-line edges and mid-lake structures throughout the summer months.

Small jigs tipped with rubber tails, small spoons, as well as small minnow baits can work well when searching for these scrappy predators. Not to mention, they make fantastic table fare and are fun for all ages to catch.

Crappie are only one of the species you’ll find, though. The Whiteshell Provincial Park is home to a wide variety of fish. June and July are also popular months to target smallmouth bass throughout the park. Rock piles and bouldery shorelines are great places to start when seeking out these highly territorial binge feeders.

If off-the-grid camping while keeping it convenient is your thing, there are an abundance of designated camping spots located along shorelines and islands throughout the park. Check with the local park office for maps, details, and regulations for these locations.

The Whiteshell Provincial Park offers drive-to convenience, amazing adventure, and world-class fishing. So round up the family or a group of friends and head out to the Whiteshell for your next trip!

HuntFishMB Contributor: Chris Chorney

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