Hunting for Sandhill Cranes in Manitoba – Manitoba Master Hunter Minute

Manitoba’s “Big Game” of migratory game birds!

The Sandhill crane is a highly distinctive migrant that annually populates the vast wetlands and grain fields throughout Manitoba. Their challenging pursuit, formidable size, and sought after table qualities have afforded them a notable trademark and a dedicated following from the most fanatical waterfowlers. With an uncanny ability to spot something out of the ordinary and an intriguing appearance that reaches 4 feet in height and presents wing spans of 6 feet, the Sandhill offers one of the most intriguing waterfowl experiences in existence.

September 1st marks the opening day of Manitoba’s Sandhill crane season for resident, non-resident and foreign resident hunters. Popular game hunting areas are located within the Northern, Parkland and Western Region.

Check out our Master Hunter Minute video, showcasing Manitoba’s unique hunting opportunities for Sandhill cranes.

For more information on hunting Sandhill cranes in Manitoba, visit our Migratory Game Birds page.

Celebrate the experience of hunting in Manitoba, submit your harvest to Manitoba’s Master Hunter Program.

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