Top Drive-to Trophy Walleye Destinations This Fall

HuntFishMB – Eric Labaupa

The fall season in Manitoba has become synonymous with huge walleye. Every year hundreds of Master Angler walleye are caught during this period of cooling temperatures, migrating schools, and shorter daylight hours. While the chances of catching the fish of a lifetime are possible pretty much anywhere across the province, there are three sub-regions that consistently pump out trophy marble eyes once the leaves start to turn.

North Lake Manitoba

Lying in the shadow of its massive neighbour to the east is Lake Manitoba. This system is a huge body of water in its own right and is home to walleyes every bit as big as any greenback. A handful of neckdown and connecting river sections here are magnets for monster fall walleyes.

Waterhen River – This 22 km stretch connects Waterhen Lake to Lake Manitoba. Absolutely lights out Master Angler walleye fishing occurs at the inlet or outlet and everywhere in between.

Fairford River – Another connecting river, Fairford flows from Lake Manitoba to Lake St. Martin. The water control dam at the town of the same name is a surefire spot to target big ‘eyes.

Lake Manitoba Narrows – This popular bottleneck area in the mid-section of Lake Manitoba is a hub of activity come fall. This area is well known to produce girthy trophy walleyes.

South Basin

This trio really needs no further introduction. The widely known greenback migration occurs like clockwork every year on these bodies of water primarily. Back to school season marks the return of gigantic schools of walleyes to the southern end of Lake Winnipeg and its tributaries. The three feature destinations listed here have a deserved reputation of offering anglers the opportunity to catch the biggest walleye of their lives.

Red River – Is not always a huge numbers area, but focus your efforts here if you are looking to hook into a fish approaching record breaking proportions. It is well known that the biggest greenbacks on average are caught in the Red.

Pine Falls – Greens, greens, and more greens is what you can expect to catch on this stretch of the Winnipeg River. Emptying out into Traverse Bay, this sprawling area is greenback central in the fall.

Lake Winnipeg South Basin – Quickly gaining in popularity is targeting massive schools out on the big lake itself. The sheer size of the lake can make it a seemingly daunting task but anglers have started to become adept at covering water quickly to find productive zones.

Cranberry Portage

This burgeoning world class walleye hotspot is chock full of enormous specimens. Numerous lakes within a figurative stones throw of each other are home to huge populations of trophy ‘eyes. This trifecta of Northern Region ‘shield’ lakes near Cranberry Portage are just a sampling of what the area has to offer.

Athapapuskow Lake – Well known as a trophy lake trout fishery, this wide open lake also is home to enormous walleyes. Big water and big bait equals big fish on Athapap.

Simonhouse Lake – This lake is part of a tight system with First and Second Cranberry Lakes. Big walleyes roam all of these waters and the short river sections that connect them together.

Tramping Lake – Don’t let size fool you, this relatively small and narrow body of water has produced some of the biggest walleyes ever caught in the entire province. Trophy walleye fishing at its finest occurs on Tramping.

All of these destinations are easily accessible by vehicle with various lodging and outfitters nearby. Hit the road this fall and hook into some Master Angler walleyes in Manitoba.

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