Fall Time is Prime Time for Monster Trout

HuntFishMB Contributor: Chris Chorney

Manitoba offers a wealth of stocked trout fishing opportunities, with almost all of these majestic locations easily accessible by vehicle throughout the entire season.

Most of these lakes are open to angling year round due to the fact that trout do not successfully spawn in a good portion of them. But don’t let that fool you. Manitoba continues to produce massive specimens every year, world-class even. Brook trout, lake trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, splake, and tiger trout are the species you will find roaming throughout the province. Abundant populations can be found scattered throughout the Northern region, Eastern region, and the Parkland area.

If you’re not a fly-fisherman, don’t panic; trout can be successfully angled using virtually any type of rod and reel. And if you think that only smaller bait will put one on the end of your line, think again! Just because these fish don’t successfully spawn in most lakes here, it doesn’t mean they don’t try. Come fall time, the water temperatures start to cool off, the days get shorter, and trout become extremely territorial and ferocious. In fact, up-sizing your bait will actually catch you more fish.

As soon as the water temperatures drop into the 40° to 50° range, it’s game on! Areas you want to focus mostly on are weed line edges, fallen timber, woody areas along shorelines, and shallow rocky areas. Since trout enter the shallows at this time of year to spawn, these make great locations to land that Manitoba Master Angler.

Hard minnow baits, spoons, and swim baits are all great choices when casting and trolling. A 6-inch lure is definitely not out of the question when pursuing these aggressive predators at this time of year. Some patterns that can work well are the colours of the trout you are targeting. For example, when fishing for browns, try a gold/brown colour; the gold gives it a bit of added flash and can be seen from a distance. When fishing for rainbows, any type of shiny silver spoon works well. You get the idea. When choosing a good line, try a braided one, perhaps 10lb test with at least 3ft of 10lb fluorocarbon leader. These tips and tactics are guaranteed to put trout on your hook this fall!

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