Giant Manitoba Pike on Tip-Ups – Jason Mitchell Outdoors

The adrenaline rush of sprinting across the ice to a freshly triggered tip-up flag is what keeps hard core northern pike anglers coming back for more. For many, setting baits under the hardwater and patiently waiting for the strike indicators to spring up is the type of angling they look forward to all year.

Jason Mitchell went on just such an excursion last winter at Wekusko Falls Lodge. Together with premiere Northern Manitoba guide Bryan Bogdan, they tackled the task of locating and hooking into some giant northern pike. Watch this episode of Jason Mitchell Outdoors as they discuss tip-up strategies and chase flags at this fantastic drive-to destination.

Jason Mitchell is a frequent visitor to Manitoba promoting the vast multi-species angling opportunities in our province. This quick highlight video showcases a glimpse of the trophy fish that he has iced here during hardwater season.

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