Top 6 Reasons to Choose Manitoba for Your Next Fishing Adventure

Manitoba is home to some of the best fishing opportunities in North America!

Every year, anglers come from far and wide to take advantage of the phenomenal fishing we have in Manitoba. Our visitors return year after year, with groups spanning multiple generations in many cases. There are a boat load of reasons as to why they choose the heart of Canada as their premiere fishing destination, but we have narrowed it down to a top few, just to get you started.

Manitoba Lake Trout

1. Big Fish – It cannot be argued that Manitoba is one of the best places to catch world-class trophy fish. In addition to ridiculously huge walleye, we can confidently boast that monster northern pike, giant lake trout, and huge channel catfish all call Manitoba home. There are many anglers who will swear by our top trophy stillwater trout fisheries in the west while others exclaim about our lunker smallmouth bass factories in the east. Even unsung heroes such as the freshwater drum and common carp draw anglers from near and far in search of that next big bite.

Manitoba Brook Trout

2. Diverse Species – Manitoba is home to a large variety of fish species. Our Master Angler Program lists 30 qualifying species that anglers can attain trophy recognition for. A good majority of these species can be caught across several areas of the province and throughout every season. Visitors can actively target numerous species over a multi-day trip or even during a single outing. The opportunities are nearly endless.

Winnipeg River Trail End Camp

3. Extraordinary Options – It could conceivably take a lifetime to explore all of the great places to fish in Manitoba. Our huge province is divided into six distinct regions that all have their own signature angling experiences and multiple service options. Fly-in, drive-to, fly-fishing and ice-fishing. Choose your preference, fuel your curiosity, follow your passion or pick your season. Manitoba is a year round angling destination with choices for every need or interest. With over 100,000 lakes, rivers and creeks, whatever experience you seek it can be found here.

Bolton Lake Lodge

4. The People – Friendly Manitoba. This is more than just a phrase on our license plates as the great people of this province have rightfully earned this moniker. Owners, staff and professional guides at our many lodges and outfitters will treat you like family. Resident anglers that you come across on the water and at the dock are always willing to help out if needed. Any way you look at it, visitors can definitely count on having friends nearby when they fish in Manitoba.

Hudson Bay Manitoba

5. The Wildest of Places – If seclusion and solitude is what you are after, then Manitoba is definitely the place to be. Fly out to the middle of nowhere among the untouched wilds of the far north and east or travel to conveniently remote locations at the end of the road, across all regions of the province. More often than not, total immersion in quiet isolation and pristine environments is only a boat ride or short hike away.

Drive-To Fishing Manitoba

6. Convenience – We’re closer than you might think. With road accessible destinations in every region and scheduled flights to the far off reaches of our wilderness frontiers, Manitoba is host to an abundance of convenient drive-to and ultra-remote angling experiences. Lodges and outfitters offer various services for those looking to fly into our international airport and for connecting flights to our Northern hubs. Winnipeg welcomes daily flights from multiple Canadian and US locations and is only an hour and a half drive from the North Dakota border.