Top 6 Reasons to Choose Manitoba for Your Next Hunting Adventure

Manitoba is home to some of the best hunting opportunities in North America !

Our vast landscape is host to millions of waterfowl, countless game birds and many of Canada’s most desirable big game species. Our select hunting experiences and game rich areas are a chosen option for thousands of hunters, each and every season. There are many reasons why hunters choose the heart of Canada as their premier hunting destination, but we have narrowed it down to a top few, just to get you started.

Webbers Lodges Canada Moose

1. Diverse Species – Big game, predators, waterfowl and game birds all inhabit Manitoba’s diverse terrains. From whitetails to caribou, Sandhill cranes to Ross’s geese, mallards to canvasbacks, ruffed grouse to woodcock, Manitoba presents an array of hunting opportunities, with many unique to specific provincial regions.

Manitoba Tundra

2. Unique Hunting Areas – From the untamed barren grounds of the far North, the rolling hills and potholes of the Parkland, to the expansive agriculture lands of the Central Region, Manitoba is defined by a diversity of remarkable hunting environments that all offer authentic wilderness destinations with plenty of exhilarating wildlife encounters.

Manitoba Waterfowl

3. Extraordinary Options – It could conceivably take a lifetime to explore all of the great places to hunt in Manitoba. Our huge province is divided into six distinct regions that are all home to their own signature hunting experiences and various service options. Whether you are bow hunting for black bearsin the Interlake Region, decoying diving ducks in the Eastern Region or wingshooting ptarmigan in the Northern Region, Manitoba offers choices for every need or interest. Whatever experience you seek, it can be found here.

Manitoba Whitetail Deer

4. Seasoned Professionals – Manitoba’s licensed outfitters and guides are an integral part of our province’s sought-after hunting opportunities. Their expertise, knowledge and commitment to providing the best experiences possible is second to none. Take your pick from a wide range of fully guided hunting options at numerous drive-to or fly-in destinations. Our professional outfitters and guides can take your hunting experience to the next level.

Manitoba Bowhunting

5. Generous Seasons – Manitoba is a multi-season hunting destination offering various options throughout the year. Depending on your residency, chosen species and related hunting zones, hunters can seek a variety of opportunities during the spring, fall and winter months.

Hunting in Manitoba, Canada

6. Convenience – We’re closer than you might think. With road-accessible destinations in every region and scheduled flights to the far-off reaches of our wilderness frontiers, Manitoba is host to an abundance of convenient drive-to and ultra-remote hunting experiences. Many lodges and outfitters offer various services for those looking to fly into our international airport and for connecting flights to our Northern hubs. Winnipeg welcomes daily flights from multiple Canadian and U.S. locations and is only an hour and a half from the North Dakota border.

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