Big Lake Trout Through the Ice on Lake Athapapuskow

One of the most exhilarating sportfish to target through the ice are lake trout. Regardless of their size, hooking into one always results in rod pumping line peeling drama. If you have ever been fortunate enought to tie into a brute, you can attest that the level of adrenaline bursting action increases tenfold.

The Northern Region of Manitoba has some of the best lakes in the world to experience this. The opportunity to ice fish for monster lake trout here is prime in the month of April. Well known drive-to lakes Clearwater and Athapapuskow offer a realistic shot at trophy fish with every jig of the rod.

Clayton Schick visited Baker’s Narrows Lodge recently on Lake Athapapuskow. His series of four videos recounts the highs and lows of chasing Master Angler fish.

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