Sight Fishing for Big Manitoba Trout – Jay Siemens Vlog

 A popular method to target stillwater trout in Manitoba is sight fishing for them on the ice. A section of ice is cut out and the quarry can be watched swimming in and out of view below you. Traditionally a method used to spear or bow hunt for fish through the ice, it has become increasingly popular amongst rod and reel trout enthusiasts across the province. One important note to any anglers utilizing a sight hole is to clearly mark it at the end of your day’s fishing. Unmarked open sections in the ice can be a dangerous hazard to other anglers, hikers, or snowmobiles.

Jay Siemens travels to a trout lake in the Eastern Region of the province in search of big brown and brook trout. Reviewing the Master Angler records on the Master Angler app, he decided to try a lake that he has never fished before.

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