How to Plan a Perfect Fly in Fishing Trip to Manitoba, Canada

Planning a fly-in fishing trip to Canada can often be an intimidating task. With so many options to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to even know where to begin. Manitoba’s Northern and Eastern Regions are an easy choice for those looking to experience incredible fly-in fishing opportunities. Easy access, authentic wilderness, renowned fishing, genuine hospitality and packages that meet any need or budget are only a few examples of common requirements you’ll be able to check off your ‘must have’ list. Here are 7 keys to help you plan your perfect fly-in fishing trip to Manitoba, Canada.

1.What species of fish are you interested in targeting?

We have a plethora of lakes and rivers that are swarming with a variety of trophy fish. Over 100,000 lakes and rivers to be exact. You can take your pick of monster lake trout, giant northern pike, or huge golden walleye. We also lay claim to exclusive opportunities for wild brook trout and Arctic grayling. Our lodges and outfitters can offer truly amazing experiences targeting a specific species or a multi-species angling adventure. Narrowing down what you want to fish for is a good first step in picking the right destination. Our What You’ll Catch page and Master Angler website are excellent sources to help you choose your target species.

2. What type of fly-in fishing experience are you looking for?

There are a wide variety of fly-in fishing packages available in Manitoba, but there are a few things you need to consider when deciding what destination to book with. Are you looking for a family-friendly lodge, a guy’s getaway, a hardcore angling trip or corporate group setting? These are important questions that also align with essential package features that should ultimately meet your needs and wants. This might be a preference to the total number of guests a lodge can accommodate at one time, a specific cabin configuration, whether you are surrounded by total seclusion or have access to modern amenities, or if there are additional activities besides fishing.  Whatever fly-in fishing experience you are looking for, there will be a lodge that will meet your needs in full.

3. Are there fly-in fishing trips that will meet your budget?

Manitoba offers a wide range of fly-in fishing opportunities from ‘do-it-yourself’ outpost cabin trips to guided all-inclusive luxury getaways and everything in between. Fly-in fishing trips certainly don’t have to break the bank, especially when there are plenty of DIY packages for under a $1,000 per person. Matching your budget with the type of experience that you are aiming for is made simple by using our Lodge and Outfitter finder. We showcase fly-in fishing destinations that can accommodate whatever style and level of trip you are looking to plan.

4. When should you schedule your fly-in fishing trip for?

Spring and fall are naturally the obvious windows of prime opportunity, particularly for trophy sized catches. Rest assured though, most of our sought-after species can be successfully targeted throughout the May to September operating calendar. The main distinguishing factors are only tactics and methods utilized specific to the season. Generally speaking, earlier in the season means shallower water presentations and progressively deeper techniques as the season goes on. Time your trip for the style of fishing that you mostly want to employ. Early and later in the year can also be much cooler temperature wise, so take this into consideration as well.

5. Once you have a general idea of what your fly-in fishing trip should look like, the next step is to do your research.

Exploring our HuntFishMB website and YouTube channel is a great place to start. Watch our destination specific videos and short films that accurately convey the experiences that are possible in Manitoba. We also have a number of articles and videos on our Fly-In Fishing Page that outline the opportunities available with our professional operators. Also take time to navigate through the websites of each lodge and outfitter you are interested in to properly gauge if they offer the experience that you are dreaming of.

6. What do you need to pack for your fly-in fishing trip? 

Your trip is booked and all that if left to do is pack and wait for your day of travel. Anglers by nature tend to plan preparedness for any situation that may arise on the water. Definitely follow this thinking by bringing quality rain gear, layers for cooler temps, and comfortable outdoor clothing in general. Tackle and equipment wise however, it is not necessary to bring the entire arsenal of gear that you own. Take a couple select rods and tackle specific to how you will be fishing on the trip. The lodge that you have booked with can help out greatly in this regard and most likely have a ‘what to bring’ list already posted on their website.

7. What other activities can you do before or after your fly-in fishing trip?

One aspect that can enhance or supplement a great fly-in fishing trip to Manitoba are pre or post-trip activities. A quick stop before your charter flight to a local tackle retailer to get everything that you need perhaps. Or maybe an enjoyable steak dinner in the city with your trip partners before the last leg home. There are a host of different ideas to consider from a round of golf, to taking in a professional sporting event, to an evening at one of our state-of-the-art casinos. The Travel Manitoba or Tourism Winnipeg websites offer excellent resources for planning pre or post trip activities.