Beauty Rainbow Trout caught out of Beautiful Lake

12 Months of Master Angler July Winner

Congratulations to Matt Lintott! His Master Angler rainbow trout action photo was selected as the winner of the July edition of the 12 Months of Master Angler photo contest. He has won a $1000 gift card to Cabela’s along with a pile of awesome HuntFishMB gear.

Manitoba is widely renowned as a trophy stillwater trout mecca. Several regions in the province boast lakes that are home to Master Angler brown, brook, tiger, and rainbow trout. Angler Matt Lintott fooled this gorgeous Beautiful Lake rainbow into biting his offering just recently. This is just one of many lakes in Duck Mountain Provincial Park where anglers can target these feisty fish.

Matt caught the fish in the winning photo from shore but he also does a lot of angling from his sit-on kayak. “I have my fishing kayak that I love to use, but as of a few days ago I now also have a 16-foot aluminum boat that I can’t wait to take out”. We asked him where he plans to make the maiden voyage. “I’ve been doing pretty good for channel cats at Lockport from shore lately. I think it would be incredible to catch them from the boat too.”

The Brandon, MB based multi-species angler has a total of forty-three Master Angler catches to his name. He’s caught trophy specimens of many species from sunfish to walleye to tiger trout although one that he has been after has still eluded him. “I really want to catch a Master Angler northern pike. I haven’t been fortunate to get one yet but that’s one species that I’d really like to catch a big one of.”

While Matt has been travelling further and further from home to tackle new waters, he was very proud of the amazing fisheries that are located in the western end of the province. “The Assiniboine River out here has been spectacular for sturgeon and giant walleye.” The young avid angler also shared that he didn’t grow up with the sport, “To be honest I’ve only been fishing for a few years. I got into it from my friends who go out a lot.”

When asked what he has planned for the $1000 prize, Matt was quick to answer that he would definitely be buying some new ice fishing equipment. His passion and exuberance for the sport was clearly evident during our phone conversation. Matt is just one example of the next generation of avid anglers in the province who have embraced angling as part of their active outdoors lifestyle. We look forward to seeing many more of his Master Angler catches to come.

You can follow Matt on Instagram @matt_lintott_fishing

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