Sharpe-Tailed Grouse: The Ultimate Upland Game Bird – Jay Siemens Vlog

If you are looking too really test your skills as an upland game bird hunter. Look no further than the lightning quick, sharp-tailed grouse. As challenging as they are rewarding, sharpies make for a fast pace wing-shoot that requires you to be on your toes at all times.

Sharp-tailed grouse can be found in many regions across Manitoba. They are often located near cattle pastures, grasslands, or ag fields, or a mix of all three. This is where they find their ideal habitat. Hunters will generally work at flushing these birds by gridding back and forth across the habitat, paying special attentions to points of bluffs or any other natural triangles. It’s these points that sharpies will try to use to their advantage to better help them spot and evade predators.

Check out the video below as Jay Siemens travels into Manitoba’s Interlake Region to join friends Keevin and Marcel on an exciting Sharpie hunt!

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