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In the HuntFishMB Recipes video below, Josh McFaddin creates an easy and delicious walleye recipe. This dish Josh call’s a “Steamed Walleye + Salsa Pocket” For this, Josh takes a bunch of fresh ingredients and mixes them all together into corn salsa. He then lays a walleye fillet on parchment paper with the salsa and creates a pocket. Once cooked it is enjoyed with some avocado and Tortilla Chips. Without further ado, I will let Josh take it over from here with the full video and recipe below.

Alright everyone, this is a real special treat. It is extremely healthy and one of the more flavourful ways to snack on fresh walleye fillets. It’s fresh, vibrant, zangy and makes me want to dance.

This is something I could eat every day of the week!

walleye fishing

What’s in this Walleye Pocket?
  • Parchment paper (don’t get this confused with wax paper, it won’t quite work the same)
  • 2 handfuls of cherry tomatoes cut into 1/4” chunks (or any ripe tomato you can access)
  • ½ of a red onion, diced
  • 2 cloves of garlic, fine diced
  • 1-½ Cups of sweet corn (if not fresh, use frozen)
  • ¼ Cups chopped cilantro 
  • Salt + Pepper
  • ¼ of lime juice
  • 4 fresh walleye fillets 
  • 1 Avocado 
  • 1 bag of your favourite tortilla chips 
  • Fresh diced Jalapeno, optional

walleye recipe

How to do it:
  • Set your oven to 400 Degrees. 
  • Chop and mix all of your salsa ingredients in a bowl and set aside to marinate for a few minutes. Make sure to season with some salt + pepper.

corn salsa

  • Lay out a piece of parchment paper. Give yourself enough to be able to fold in half, around 18-24”.
  • Place a bed of salsa down on the parchment in order to create a base for your fillets to sit on. Here you can choose to place one or two fillets down, depending on how many pockets you choose to make. Spoon a touch more salsa on top with a little bit of the juice from the bowl. 

walleye pocket

  • Now, fold the parchment in half and starting at one of the corners, start to pinch, twist and roll the paper nice and tight as you work your way around the outer edges to seal the whole thing up. Refer to the video to see the technique. 
  • Before tossing into the oven, place on a baking pan to make for easy removal. 

walleye pocket

  • Cook for approximately 8-10 minutes, keeping an eye on things. Thicker fillets will take a touch longer to cook. 
  • If the pocket puffs up and expands in the oven, that’s okay, you want to keep all that awesome steam inside to cook the fish. 
  • Remove from the oven and cut the bag open across the top with a sharp knife or scissors. You can eat right out of the bag. I know, awesome, right?

walleye pocket

  • Add some sliced avocado, squeeze some fresh lime over top, dress with a little more fresh cilantro and dig in with your chips. This will not last long and you will wish you had made more!

cooking fish

  • Alternatively, enjoy on top of some fresh steamed rice. 
  • Enjoy!

walleye recipe

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