Province Seeks Public Engagement on Manitoba’s NEW Recreational Angling Strategy

The province is launching online public engagement to seek input for changes to Manitoba’s angling regulations, which are outlined in Manitoba’s Recreational Angling Strategy, Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen announced earlier this week.

“Every year, thousands of anglers enjoy Manitoba’s diverse and vibrant fishing opportunities,” said Pedersen. “Recreational angling generates significant economic, social, and cultural benefits for our province. These proposed changes will ensure our fisheries can be managed sustainably for years to come.”

Manitoba’s Recreational Angling Strategy outlines proposed changes to the regulation and management of recreational angling. The strategy balances the enhancement of angling opportunities while protecting the province’s valuable fish populations, the minister noted.

Recreational Angling Strategy

Proposed changes in the strategy include:
  • modernizing  angling licenses;
  • changing angling seasons, possession limits, and size restrictions to create new fishing opportunities while ensuring the protection of fish populations;
  • implementing a future ban on the harvest and use of aquatic live bait, including baitfish and leeches, to reduce the risk of spreading aquatic invasive species;
  • instituting minor changes to ice-fishing regulation including contact information displayed on permanent ice fishing shelters and removal dates; and
  • updating enforcement of fisheries offences.

The minister noted this strategy would position Manitoba to become a leader in recreational fisheries management across North America. It would enhance fisheries protection, strengthen enforcement while reducing red tape, and increasing opportunities for anglers. Implementation of Manitoba’s Recreational Angling Strategy is proposed to take effect on April 1, 2023.

To learn more about Manitoba’s plans to transform recreational angling, visit The online public engagement will close on June 30.

The clip below is a short, 3-minute video that provides a high-level overview of their proposed changes.

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