Ice Fishing for Walleye in a Blizzard – Jay Siemens Vlog

In this Jay Siemens vlog, Jay is still in Manitoba’s Northern Region at Lynn Lake, based out of the Lynn inn. Today Jay is heading to a new body of water ice fishing for walleye!

As the day goes on the weather turns to snowy conditions but that doesn’t stop Jay and co-host Alex Peric from making the most of the day and catching a number of beautiful golden Northern Manitoba walleye and a few whitefish to boot. Check out the full video of Jay and Alex Ice fishing for walleye in a blizzard below!

*Remember to always exercise extreme caution on early-season Ice, and have all the appropriate safety equipment on hand at all times. For a refresher on ice safety and equipment, watch this Jay Siemens “Ice Safety” Video

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*Protect Manitoba’s water and resources. Stop aquatic invasive species. For more information on how to do your part visit the Sustainable Development AIS page.