Two Giant Lake of the Prairies Walleye – Clayton Schick Outdoors

In this episode of Clayton Schick Outdoors, Clayton heads to Manitoba’s Parkland Region in search of the legendary Lake of the Prairies walleye – Based out of the awesome accommodations of Lost Meadows Resort. Lost Meadows is a perfectly central launching point to fish which every end of Lake of the Prairies that you choose.

In this video, Clayton and Carter put the smackdown on a couple of behemoth Lake of the Prairies walleye. All the while capturing some incredible Mega Live and underwater camera footage of some walleye eats! The full video from this exciting day can be found below!

*Remember to always exercise extreme caution on early-season Ice, and have all the appropriate safety equipment on hand at all times. For a refresher on ice safety and equipment, watch this “Ice Safety” Video

For more information on staying at Lost Meadows Resort for Lake of the Prairies walleye, visit the Lost Meadows Resort website.
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