Big Greenback Walleyes on the Red River – Jay Siemens Vlog

In this Jay Siemens Vlog, Jay heads to the world-famous Red River in Manitoba’s Interlake Region – to target big Greenback walleyes through the ice!

After one of the best Red River fall walleye runs many have seen – it was a no-brainer after the river froze over to get right back after these supersized walleyes. In this vlog. Jay stays at the beautiful Canalta Hotel in Selkirk just a short distance from the river. Once fishing he is joined by his friend Josh McFaddin to watch an aquarium of fish on the live imaging before hooking into a number of solid greenback walleyes and saugers. Just as the day begins to wind down Jay hooks into the biggest fish yet, making for an awesome buzzer-beater to cap off an exciting day.

Check out the Jay Siemens Vlog below for the full video of him and Josh chasing greenback walleyes on The Red River.

To book a stay at Canalta Hotel in Selkirk and target Red River Greenback walleye visit their website: Canalta Selkirk
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