Northern Manitoba Lake Trout Fishing – Clayton Schick Outdoors

In this Clayton Schick Outdoors video, Clayton heads way up north to one of his favorite places… Caribou Lodge. Owned and operated by Norm Sancartier on the beautiful shores of the Cranberry Chain of Lakes. Caribou Lodge is known for producing Big Lakers, Golden Walleyes, and Massive Northern Pike, and Clayton has fished for all three in the past. However, this video is all about Lake Trout fishing!

Clayton pushes through the cold temperatures and settles down in his tent for a day of fishing on Second Cranberry Lake – Looking for his first laker of the ice season! Before long Clayton gets his first bite of the trip and it’s more than he could have ever imagined – as he kicks off his Laker season in impressive fashion!

Check out the full video below to see Clayton’s exciting Lake Trout Fishing day at Caribou Lodge.

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