Giant Lake Athapapuskow Lake Trout – Clayton Schick Outdoors

In this incredible Clayton Schick Outdoors video, Clayton continues his Northern Manitoba tour and heads to Bakers Narrows Lodge off the shores of Lake Athapapuskow. On this adventure, Clayton is in search of the renowned trophy Lake Athapapuskow lake trout that this area has become so famous for.

Clayton meets up with a good friend, and Bakers Narrows Guide, Mac Mulligan. As they put together their fishing brains to pick apart a new area on the lake. It doesn’t take too long until these fellas find some lakers. But what happens as the trip progresses is more than they could have ever imagined.

Check out part one of this epic Clayton Schick Outdoors video of chasing giant lake Athapapuskow lake trout at Bakers Narrows Lodge in the video below!

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