Ice Fishing Lake Manitoba for Aggressive Perch & Walleye – Jay Siemens Vlog

In This Jay Siemens video, Jay heads to the 14th largest lake in Canada, Lake Manitoba. Jay set his sites on a multi-species day of ice fishing Lake manitoba targeting walleye and yellow perch. Jay is joined by a local to the area, Keevin Erickson, as they search across the vast lake for schooled-up perch and roaming walleye.

Lake Manitoba has largely been sneaking under the radar for a number of years now. However, with each passing winter, more and more anglers have realized just how exciting this fishery can be. From charged-up primetime walleyes roaming the shallow waters to massive schools of mid-day perch in the deeper reaches of the lake, all the way to massive burbots slithering along the bottom throughout the day and into the twilight periods. Lake Manitoba offers a little bit of everything both have a fast-paced action-packed multispecies day as well as a chance at a true giant walleye that this lake has begun to produce more and more of.

To start the day Jay and Keevin try a number of spots looking for concentration of fish until they find some aggressive schooled-up perch in the deeper water. Jay is able to coax these feisty fish in with a micro-rattle bait making for some exciting strikes on the live imaging. As the day progress, Jay gets a mark that is considerably bigger than anything he has seen all day. As it slams his lure he holds on for a real fight with this fish before realizing what he’s hooked into!

Check out the video link below to watch how this entire day plays out!

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