Interlake Prairie Pothole Perch Fishing – Jay Siemens Vlog

Recently, Jay Siemens headed into Manitoba’s Interlake Region to do some Interlake Prairie Pothole perch fishing.

For this adventure, Jay is once again joined by Keevin Erickson and friends Troy Appleyard and Nolan Smith – as they begin to traverse across the lake heading into their spot. The previous day Nolan had been out fishing and found a mega school of perch. Naturally, the boys headed right back to the same spot the following day.

The second Jay and Keevin got the live imaging and underwater camera down, they couldn’t believe their eyes with what they are seeing. Dozens and dozens of perch, literally covering the bottom. Jay and Keevin quickly realized the majority of the perch they were seeing are quite small. So they switched their lures to bigger presentations, a rattle bait, and a spoon to target bigger fish. They began weeding through the smaller fish and finally started to hook into some bigger perch.

To cap off the day, Jay whips up an awesome fresh perch meal – followed by a few solid perch to end the day before they begin to pack up as the sun sets to close out the day. Jay and Keevin then head into Lundar for a meal at the Lundar Motor Hotel before packing up for the last leg of the Journey… Pelican Lake.

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