How to Make Sausages at Home with Wild Game (DIY)

Processing your own wild game is one of the most rewarding parts of the hunt. You get to extend the experience into more of a group setting and share a wide variety of cuts and preparations with friends and family. When it comes to Sausage making, it might seem like a complicated task. However, once you have yourself set up and understand a few key tricks to the process, it’s actually a ton of fun and goes a lot faster than you might think. In this HuntFishMB Recipes video on how to make sausages at home, I walk you through the steps of stuffing your own wild-game sausages along with the tools and tricks required for a successful sausage stuffing session. Once you’ve nailed down these skills, a whole world of creative sausage-making options will be waiting for you. 


Now, when it comes to the specific sausage recipes and spice blends required to make a variety of sausages, stay tuned over the coming weeks, we will be sharing a number of exciting ways to create different types of sausages from home!

Things you’ll need:

To get the best understanding of the tips and tricks on how to make sausages, I recommend watching the full video above, however, below is a list of items that you will need to get started in your personal sausage-making journeys. There are many different options of equipment to use for these processes – in varying price ranges. A great place to start is They have a huge selection of meat processing equipment to choose from!

  • Meat grinder

meat grinder

  • Sausage stuffer

sausage stuffer

  • A weight scale

meat scale

  • Sausage casings, natural (pork, lamb) or synthetic. 

Sausage making

  • Large bowls or tub for mixing 

How to Make Sausages

  • Large sheet tray (baking sheet)

How to Make Sausages

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