Ice Fishing for Lake Trout at Bakers Narrows Lodge – Clayton Schick Outdoors Vlog

Ice Fishing for lake trout has quickly become renowned as one of the ultimate experiences an angler can have throughout the winter. Luckily for Manitoba, we have some of the best drive-to lake trout lakes in the world! At the forefront of this are Lake Athapapuskow and Bakers Narrows Lodge. Over the last few seasons, Bakers have truly solidified themselves as the big trout experts.

In this Clayton Schick Outdoors Vlog, Clayton heads to Bakers Narrows Lodge to take on the massive waters of Lake Athapapuskow and the larger-than-life lakers that reside beneath the ice. On this adventure, Clayton is joined by co-host Josh McFaddin. After a day of trial and error while ice fishing for lake trout; A weather change is exactly what the doctor ordered when the bite they were dreaming of finally came to fruition.

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