Manitoba’s Pristine Eastern Region Fly-in Fishing Lodges

The pure wilderness of Manitoba’s remote Eastern Region has served as the ultimate playground for those looking for an isolated and pristine angling experience. The diversity of options that each of the fly-in fishing lodges provides is what sets them apart. From remote DIY accommodations to luxury main lodge services. From the Canadian staples of trophy walleye and pike to specialty fisheries with lake trout or smallmouth. Manitoba’s fly-in fishing lodges are sure to fulfill your needs and offer a boatload of value.

Check out these five amazing Eastern Manitoba fly-in fishing options!

Jackson’s Lodge and Outposts

The first of 5 eastern Manitoba fly-in fishing lodges on this list is Jackson’s Lodge and Outposts. Jackson’s is one of the most diverse lodges in the province and can accommodate literally any angler’s needs. With a total of twenty Manitoba fly-in fishing locations ranging from the full-service benefits of a deluxe outpost to the ultimate seclusion of camping at one of their remote boat caches. All means of fly-in fishing preferences are available with Jackson’s.

Jackson’s Lodge and Outposts are operated on, not only some of the eastern region’s most sought-after fisheries, but some of the most pristine lakes and river systems located any where in the entire province. These outposts have built their fame on the countless schools of golden walleyes and the supersized northern pike that call this region home. But Jackson’s doesn’t stop there. They also have lakes that specialize specifically in smallmouth bass and lake trout opportunities.

From the accommodations to the amenities, the impeccable customer service to the world-class wilderness fishing opportunities; there really are no details missed with Jackson’s. Not to mention a diverse float plane charter service at their disposal. In only minutes upon your arrival, you’ll be in their air headed to one of their first-class outposts. All this, at an incredible value!

For a closer look at one of Jackson’s Lodge and Outposts camps, check out this Hot Bite video from their Amphibian lake Lodge location.

Aiken’s Lake Wilderness Lodge 

Developed way back in 1949, Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge has long been established as one of the top Manitoba fly in fishing lodges. Located within the wild expanses of Manitoba’s Eastern Region, Aikens sits amongst the remote boundaries of Atikaki Provincial Park. Their history is rooted in a long-standing dedication to providing their customers with a luxurious and unique angling experience. Doubled with its pristine and breathtaking location and it has earned them recognition as being A World’s Foremost Destination.

Guests leave Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge with a truly authentic Canadian fly-in fishing experience. Staff work exceptionally hard to ensure that each guest’s trip provides them with every comfort they need to relax and enjoy their time with friends and family, and take it all in. 

Combine their attention to detail with a loyal line of seasoned staff who have a refined knack for building long-lasting relationships and exceeding expectations, and you’ll have an accurate image of why Aikens is more than just a fishing trip. The family culture you feel while spending time in this little slice of paradise is an occasion that you will never forget. This is the Aikens experience.

Apart from Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge’s notorious main lodge experience, they also offer an exclusive outpost option. Their Great Grey Owl Mini-Lodge sits in perfect harmony between the main lodge experience and an extremely modern outpost package. Guests boat to this gorgeous mini-lodge, where they have complete solitude from all guests and staff.

Whether you are a big family looking for one cabin to house your entire group, or a large group of friends looking to all stay in the same cabin, Great Grey Owl may be a perfect option for your next fly-in fishing vacation.

Eagle Nest Lodge

Located deep in the most secluded reaches of the mighty Winnipeg River in Manitoba’s Eastern Region, you will find Eagle Nest Lodge. This extraordinary all-inclusive wilderness getaway, located within the boundaries of the Whiteshell Provincial Park, has been providing its guests with some of the best fly-in multispecies action in the province.

A unique option for Eagle Nest Lodge, is that they allow guests the option to fly in direct or venture on a scenic 27-mile boat ride up the Winnipeg River to their island resort. Outstanding fishing and first-class hospitality conveniently await.

Eagle Nest has been a highly popular destination choice for anglers of all kinds for over five decades. Avid anglers, corporate groups, couples, and families, they can accommodate it all.

A well-suited location, celebrated fishery, diverse amenities, amazing food, and a team with a willingness to go the extra mile to make every trip special, are all testament to the exceptional experience that they so readily offer. This stretch of the Winnipeg river is famous for its trophy smallmouth bass, walleye and northern pike. It also offers a plethora of other species to target. Rest assured Eagle Nest Lodge will open your eyes to a special body of water

So, whether you want to pursue that next big bite, lounge on a remote beach, enjoy serenity and scenery, or seek quality time with friends, family or colleagues, Eagle Nest Lodge will easily deliver and keep you coming back for more!

Shining Falls Lodge

You will find Shining Falls Lodge right in the heart of Manitoba’s Eastern Region’s pure wilderness. This convenient fly-in destination is located on a remote island on the stunning Family Lake. Shining Fall’s Lodge caters to families and individuals looking to spend some quality time on the water and in the outdoors. With a pure family atmosphere, amazing fishing, excellent facilities and many comforts of home, Shining Falls is a stress-free choice for any family or group of friends looking for an exciting fishing getaway.

Owners Tobias and Ellen Becker are enthusiastic hosts, who naturally go out of their way to exceed their guest’s expectations. They also take a youthful approach to continually enhancing the Shining Falls family experience. Their prized angling opportunities for northern pike and walleye certainly speak for themselves, but their personal attention, service and overall value might just be the icing on the cake.

Apart from the beautiful main lodge with a dining room, Shining Falls has four spacious and well-kept cabins. Each cabin has a complete kitchen. The first three have a covered screened-in porch and the fourth with its own dock on the water. The cabins, which can sleep anywhere from 8-12 people, also have a wood stove and pile of wood for those cooler nights. Their docks are full of a newer fleet of 16-foot Lund boats with 20hp outboards and floors all equipped with Humminbird finders.

If you are looking for an incredible fly-in fishing trip with the crew or the family, give Shining Falls Lodge a call. A beautiful sand beach, communal fire pit, horseshoe game, marked hiking trails, and one of the cleanest fish filleting shacks you will ever come across are just some of the great amenities at this fantastic family-run operation.

Check out this Hot Bite video from another trip we made to Shining Falls Lodge.

Sasaginnigak Lodge

One of the most pristine reaches of Manitoba, The Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park, is home to Sasaginnigak Lodge, one of Manitoba’s top-notch fly-in fishing lodges. Located on Sasaginnigak Lake, Sas Lodge is renowned for its trophy fishery, stunning lodge and accommodations and offers guests access to an 8600-acre personal playground of unspoiled wilderness.

When it comes to fishing on a remote lake, Sas Lodge wants your experience to be exactly what you want. They want you to be able to choose the times you come and go and to fish as much or as little as you, please. Non-guided fishing is one of the reasons they describe their lodge as “the lodge that’s not a lodge”. But never worry that un-guided means unsupported. their lakes are easily navigated. Any help or instruction you need is available when the pilot drops you off at the Outcamp or from the staff at the main lodge.

You will be shown everything you need to know about how to operate the boats, they even provide maps of the lake and will point out all the hot spots to try for yourself. Every evening the staff will clean the boats and fill the fuel tanks. Their number one goal is that they want you to be safe and enjoy your time on the water! The non-guided fishing experience at was lodge has always been the norm and their guests have had great success again and again. We feel confident that you will get more enjoyment from your trip by planning your own routes, and having privacy and freedom during your stay.

Watch the Jay Siemens Vlog below, to get a full picture of what the Sasaginnigak Lodge experience is all about!


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