Fly-in Fishing at its Finest: Northern Manitoba’s Must Experiance Trips

Looking for some new ideas for your next fishing vacation? Well, there has never been a better time to look into a fly-in fishing trip to Northern Manitoba. Whether it’s a guys’ getaway or a family outing, a trip to one of many Manitoba fly-in fishing Lodges adds a whole new dimension to an annual fishing experience.

Check out these amazing Northern Manitoba fly-in fishing lodges!

Manitoba fly-in fishing Lodges

Kississing Lake Lodge

Located on an isolated island on the pristine waters of Kississing Lake in Manitoba’s Northern Region, you will find Kississing Lake Lodge. This ultimate luxury lodge is one of the most prestigious fly-in destinations in all of Canada. Their massive main lodge offers an excellent hang-out spot for guests whether they are enjoying a game of pool, watching TV, or relaxing in front of the fireplace digging into the delicious hors d’oeuvres before supper. As guests filter into the dining room they eagerly await the next top-notch meal they are about to be served. Guests certainly don’t suffer during shore lunch either. Each day on the water they are treated to a variety of amazing shore lunches made from freshly caught fish from that day.

This fishing on Kississing Lake leaves nothing to be desired. Famous for trophy walleye with great average size, monster northern pike, and some of the biggest lake trout found in the province; all you got to do is tell your guide what you want to fish for and you have a legitimate chance at catching your personal best at any moment.

The immaculate, well-maintained and organized camp, the luxury accommodations, the gorgeous main lodge and the top-of-the-line service all works together to ensure your trip to Kississing Lake Lodge, is a trip of a lifetime.

Laurie River Lodge 

A fly-in fishing trip to the remote regions of Canada is easily one of the most fascinating angling experiences available. This is especially true for adventurous anglers who actively seek the temptations of genuine wilderness, untamed waters, big fish and tailored service. Laurie River Lodge is one of those destinations that provides an authentic fly-in fishing experience with ‘all of the above’.

Located in the solitude of Manitoba’s Northern Region, this established lodge was built within reach of numerous productive fisheries. With a selection of main lake access, portages, day fly-outs and do-it-yourself outposts, Laurie River has no shortage of great fishing options. Trophy northern pike, lake trout and walleye easily appease their remarkable draw of loyal customers and the devoted local guides that cater to their angling desires.

But the story of Laurie River Lodge is definitely more than just fishing. Brent and Erin Fleck have built a genuine family business that has stood the test of time. “You have to love it or you’re not in it anymore.” A classic quote that’s a testament to the Fleck’s enduring operation and dedication to their trade. Since their start in the early 90s, the focus on treating everyone as a special guest has been at the forefront. Creating a comfortable family atmosphere and delivering the best fishing experience possible has allowed them to stand out in the fly-in fishing world.

Check out the Destination Spotlight video on Laurie River Lodge

Kamuchawie Lake Outpost – Laurie River Lodge 

Big fish, big experiences and big value! When it comes to booking a Canada fly-in fishing trip, every angler is ultimately looking for the best of all worlds. This couldn’t be more true for Laurie River Lodge’s fly-in outpost at Kamuchawie Lake.

Only a short flight from Lynn Lake, Manitoba, this exceptional outpost camp sits on the shore of a highly productive fishery. The cabin and camp are as modern as it gets and powered by an incredibly quiet, off-site generator. With a focus on everyday comforts, three well-appointed bedrooms, a full kitchen, a diverse meal plan, a freezer, indoor plumbing and bathroom facilities,  reliable boats and motors and a satellite phone for communication are there to meet your everyday needs. Although you’re in perfect solitude on a remote lake in Northern Manitoba, convenience, comfort, cuisine, and cleanliness are far from sacrifice.

How about the fishing? The fishing on Kamuchawie Lake is simply incredible. The primary attraction is lake trout and the calibre of fish that can be caught is literally mind-boggling. Anglers can also chase giant northern pike as well as some pretty impressive golden walleye. But we’ll let the video inspire you on the multiple mega bites that Kamuchawie so generously offers!

If you’re looking for an outstanding fly-in fishing experience on a secluded lake with giant lake trout, Kamuchawie Lake Outpost is definitely the place for you.

Bolton Lake Lodge

Bolton Lake Lodge and Outposts is a classic fly-in fishing destination that has owned a reputation for producing exceptional angling opportunities. Established in the isolated wilderness of Northern Manitoba, Bolton Lake Lodge is a conveniently remote operation amid a variety of productive waterways. From their well-known main lake fishery to their exclusive fly-out locations, Bolton offers every visiting angler a boatload of opportunities for trophy northern pike, lake trout, walleye, and brook trout. ‘The Grand Slam’ of local fishing options that keep their guests coming back year after year.

A true Canadian multi-species paradise, Bolton Lake Lodge features a generous list of amenities and full-service hospitality. A relaxing lodge, comfortable accommodations, home-cooked meals, and an experienced guide team complement their diverse fishing program. Trevor and Jodi Dick are the second-generation owners of Bolton Lake, with Trevor carrying on the family business that began in 1988. They dedicate the open water season to fulfilling the dreams of those looking to experience the very best in fly-in fishing. From the hard-core angler to the adventurous fishing family, Bolton Lake Lodge offers options for all.

Check out the Destination Spotlight video on Bolton Lake Lodge.

Ganglers North Seal River Lodge 

One of Canada’s premier fly-in fishing Lodges, Ganglers North Seal River Lodge is Located 240 Miles from the nearest road and offers exclusive access to over 6 million acres and 61 different lakes. Ganglers North Seal River Lodge is based on the shores of Egenolf Lake. The exquisite main lodge is exclusively limited to only 26 anglers per week and offers private deluxe cabins, a 1:1 staff-to-guests ratio, complimentary rods and reels to use for your trip, personalized tours and activities, and 3 floatplanes on-site.

This area offers world-class fishing for “The Canadian Grand Slam” – Trophy northern pike and Lake trout, feisty schools of big walleye, and offers the opportunity to try your hand at fly-fishing for the prestigious arctic grayling. With no other lodges in the area, NSRL and its 5 amazing outposts are truly in untouched waters and the caring staff caters to the kind of fisherman you already are, and nudges you to become the fisherman you’ve always wanted to be.

The adventure to Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge is easy. All you have to do is fly into Winnipeg, Manitoba. From there, Gangler’s will have a charter ready for you that fly’s right to their private airstrip after a short refuelling in Thompson, Manitoba.

To learn even more about the Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge experience, check out the Jay Siemens film below where he gets to experience all that they have to offer!

Elk Island Lodge on God’s Lake 

Elk Island Lodge on God’s Lake, in Northern Manitoba, is a remote fly-in fishing lodge that is famed for its Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout and Brook Trout fishing experiences. As the name implies, the main lodge is located on Elk Island on the shores of the pristine God’s Lake.

The main lodge serves as a comfortable meeting place that is rich in history. Their massive fireplace is the centrepiece of the lodge and it gravitates guests around it. Strangers quickly become friends as you listen to the fire crack and watch the beautiful sunsets from the patio overlooking God’s Lake. Each day their famous Elk Island breakfast and gourmet suppers are served in the main lodge, and the classic Canadian shore lunch experience is provided on the waters. The lodge also has all the amenities of home including wifi, sat phones, a hot tub, a pool table, and an incredible bar to wind down your evening. The cabins also include all the comforts of home and make for an excellent place to get a solid night’s sleep in preparation for the next action-packed day on the water.

The journey to get there includes a short chartered flight in a comfortable plane from Winnipeg, MB. From there the plane lands right at the lodge on its beautiful private runway. Once arrived in the late morning, you will have a quick meal, and within your first couple hours, there is a good chance you would have already hooked into your first trophy fish!

The trophy fishing at Elk Island Lodge on Gods Lake is surpassed by no other lake in Manitoba – largely due to their experienced, friendly guides who know these waters like no other. These guides are also experts at navigating the famous God’s River where some of the biggest brook trout in the province reside. At the main lodge, float planes are always at ready to transport you to one of many destinations along the Gods River to target these brookies. Upon landing, boats await to take you upstream where there are so much untouched trout waters, it is hard to determine where to even start fishing. The average brook trout here are in the 18-19″ range with many trophies swimming among them.

Check out this film from The New Fly Fisher Below, where they experience Elk Island Lodge to its fullest – From Monster Pike and  Lake Trout to the Famed God’s River Brookies.

Sickle Lake Wilderness Resort 

Imagine some of the wildest, most remote reaches of the province, a place so far north that in the summer It never truly gets dark at night, a place that is mixed with rugged Canadian Shield and sand eskers from glacial deposits, a place that is home to behemoth northern pike and hoards of feisty walleyes – The place you are imagining is Sickle Lake Wilderness Resort!

Sickle Lake Wilderness Lodge, located on the beautiful sandy shores of Sickle lake; Is home to exceptional accommodations and world-class fishing. At the main lodge, you will find a spacious lounge equipt with a full bar and comfortable furniture. This space serves as an excellent space to wind down after a day of reeling in trophy pike after trophy pike. Down the hall from the lounge, you will find the stunning rustic dining room where you will be served your gourmet meals throughout your trip. The guest cabins are extremely spacious and cozy with the option to spark up a wood stove in the evenings when you are settling down for the night’s rest.

The main lodge, although beautiful, takes a back seat compared to the truly world-class angling opportunities found on Sickle Lake and the surrounding water bodies. When you hear stories of casting in clear shallow bays and picking out trophy pike and watching them eat your lures, Sickle Lake Wilderness Lodge is a place that can provide you with exactly that! These are truly top-notch and untouched fisheries with infinite trophy potential. Apart from the staple giant pike and plentiful walleye, there are also lake trout fishing options through a short portage.

Check out the video below for a brief look into what Sickle Lake Wilderness Resort is all about.

Dunlops Fly-in Lodges

Dunlops Fly-in Lodge is a small family-run business located on Lake Waskaiowaka on the headwaters of the legendary Little Churchill River over 500 miles north of the US border. This renowned destination is known for its incredible pike fishing. Many guests book their trip year after year for the pursuit of a trophy pike; However, many are surprised when they experience the amazing walleye fishing that Lake Waskaiowaka has.

The cozy main lodge serves as your home for the week and is a great place to kick back, enjoy a delicious meal and relax after another perfect day of pike fishing. Dunlops only serves 16 guests per week to achieve an extremely intimate experience. They take pride in providing their guests with great care and personalized service that can only be achieved in a smaller camp setting. Here, they treat their guests as great friends and you’ll never feel like you’re just a number, nor will you ever get the feeling that you’re crowded and leaving the dock in the morning will be a pleasure, without confusion or it feeling like it’s a race to get out to the fishing spots.

All of their guest cabins have a breathtaking view of Lake Waskaiowaka and its magnificent sunsets. With total comfort in mind, each cabin is equipped with all of the essentials: showers, indoor plumbing, and 24-hour generated electricity. Every day, the cabins are serviced with fresh towels and light housekeeping. We have 6 guest cabins, ranging from 2, 4, and 6-person units. There is also a satellite phone and high-speed Internet available.

With Dunlop’s exclusive allocation, there are no other lodges, communities or local fishing pressure. The lake itself is 24 miles by 14 miles across with access to multiple river systems. With a maximum of 8 boats heading out on the lake each morning it truly will feel like you have the lake to yourself. A fishing day consists of big numbers of pike and walleye with a high pike trophy potential in each cast. Throughout the season guests will experience pike fishing in a number of forms, from shallow bays in June, weed lines in July, to main lake cabbage come August. No matter the time of the trip, they will be able to get you on some incredible pike fishing.

The Journey to Dunlops consists of driving or flying into Winnipeg, from there, guests can either fly or drive into Thompson where there will be a charter waiting to take you on the 90-mile flight to Dunlop’s 3000-foot private airstrip. Once arriving at the Lodge you then have the choice to stay back and experience the main lodge or get adventurous and try one of their two fly-in Outpost camps.

Check out the video below to get a feel for what the Dunlops Fly-in Lodge’s Experience is all about!

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