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Find all of our HuntFishMB and IceFishMB gear online! To purchase, call one of our Visitor Information Centre staff during operating hours at 1-800-665-0040 for pricing and details. Curbside pick up or delivery only.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, in-person shopping is currently not available at our Visitor Information Center (VIC). 

For curbside pick up, you will be notified when your order is ready. Please call 1-800-665-0040 before your arrival.

More questions? Read our FAQ.

Operating Hours:

Monday – Friday 8:30-4:30

Curbside Pick Up:

21 Forks Market Rd.
Winnipeg, MB

Shipping Options:

  • Manitoba residents $15
  • US residents $25

** NEW HuntFishMB merchandise just hit the shelves!!

*All gear is subject to availability

*All sales are final

HuntFishMB Gear:
MultiCam HuntFishMB Hat: $25.00+tax

Black Camo HuntFishMB Hat: $25.00+tax

Black and White HuntFishMB Hat: $20.00+tax


HuntFishMB Buffs: Black, white & Camo $15.00+tax each


HuntFishMB Toques Black & Olive: $20.00+tax each

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IceFishMB Gear:

Snow Camo IceFishMB Hat: $25.00+tax

IceFishMB Toques: Grey $20.00+tax  

IceFishMB Toques: Black $20.00+tax 

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IceFishMB Black Camo Hat: $25.00+tax



Black and White IceFishMB Hat: $20.00+tax

IceFishMB Buffs: White Camo $15.00+tax 

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Full Price List:


HuntFishMB Gear

–          Black camo HuntFishMB hat – $25.00+tax

–          Multicam HuntFishMB hat – $25.00+tax

–          Black/white HuntFishMB hat – $20.00+tax

–          Black HuntFishMB buff – $15.00+tax

–          Tan camo HuntFishMB buff – $15.00+tax

–          Black HuntFishMB Toque – $20.00+tax

–          Olive HuntFishMB Toque – $20.00+tax

IceFishMB Gear

–          Black camo IceFishMB hat – $25.00+tax

–          White camo IceFishMB hat – $25.00+tax

–          Black/white IceFishMB hat – $20.00+tax

–          White camo IceFishMB buff – $15.00+tax

–         Black IceFishMB toques – $20.00+tax 

–         Gray IceFishMB toques – $20.00+tax 

Master Angler

–          Master Angler measurement decal – $10.00+tax


–          Manitoba shipping – $15.00 flat-rate

–          US shipping – $25.00 flat-rate

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I Buy HuntFishMB Gear?

HuntFishMB gear is only available from the Travel Manitoba Visitor Information Centre at 21 Forks Market Road in Winnipeg.

Can I return an Item after receiving it?

Due to the nature of the products we sell for HuntFishMB, we do not accept any returns, all sales are final.

How do I get HuntFishMB Gear shipped to me?

For Manitoba Residents, Shipping is a flat rate of $15. You can call the VIC Centre at 1-800-665-0040 to make your order.

Can you ship inter-provincially?

Currently we are unable to ship HuntFishMB Gear to other provinces.

Can you ship to the USA?

Yes, we are able to ship HuntFishMB Gear Items to the USA.

How does the ordering and Shipping work for residents from the USA?

Residents from the USA can call our VIC at 1-800-665-0040 to make their order. Shipping costs are a flat $25 shipping charge. We use Canada Post which contracts out USPS to finish the shipping process.

What are the Custom Costs when getting an item shipped to the states?

There is no set customs cost for the items that we ship, if there is duty on the items it is the responsibility of the purchaser to cover any additional cost.

Are taxes included in the price of the HuntFishMB Gear?

All prices listed on HuntFishMB Gear are in Canadian dollars, not including taxes.

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