Manitoba Master Angler Goes Online!

Manitoba Master Angler Goes Online!Say goodbye to those paper entry forms. Master Angler is going online! As of April 2013, anglers will be able to upload their Manitoba Master Angler applications electronically, including a photograph of that oh-so-impressive fish.

Simply enter the species and the length of your catch and find out if you’re on the brink of joining the Master Angler club. The new Website also includes information about the program, a peek at the record books and the top 10 bodies of water where Master Anglers are caught.

Fishing just wouldn’t be the same without a little bragging. Okay, a lot of bragging. Get your official bragging rights by landing a Manitoba Master Angler. For over 50 years, Travel Manitoba has been handing out these awards to anglers who catch big fish. Last year alone, more than 10,000 trophy fish from 30 qualifying species were caught and recorded. For every qualifying fish, anglers receive a certificate noting the achievement. If you release that fish, a shoulder patch is included in your package. The good news is that over 90 per cent of Master Angler catches are returned to the water. That means these big fish are there to fight another day!

And yes, there’s an app for that! The mobile version of Master Angler Online means you can quickly check to see if a 41 inch northern pike makes the grade. It does! Take a quick photo, get that fish back in the water and submit your Master Angler application before you get back to the shore. But please, please, don’t drop your phone in the water.