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Manitoba Ice Fishing Report – February

As the days get longer and the thoughts of spring are eagerly on the minds of anglers, February is considered the final month of true winter before the incredible fishing known as ‘March Madness’ sets into full swing.

World Class Trophy Pike Fishing at Sickle Lake Wilderness Resort

Imagine some of the wildest, most remote reaches of the province, a place so far north that in the summer It never truly gets dark at night, a place that is mixed with rugged Canadian Shield and sand eskers from glacial deposits, a place that is home to behemoth northern pike and hoards of feisty walleyes – The place you are imagining is Sickle Lake Wilderness Resort!

Burbot Recipe! Butter Burbot & Flatbread

Also, as my favourite freshwater fish to eat, I am always looking for new ways to slide this unique fish into new dishes - and thus spawned this incredible Burbot Recipe "Butter Burbot with Flatbread" .